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This is brought about by the need to have less erratic communication over Verizon networks as well as increasing the speed. The scale in which the internet is demanded is also an arising issue that increases the demanded more networks. This paper explores the scope of the network reliability improvement objective. Verizon is a champion among the network providers even in international realms. However, the rate of growth relies on better reliable networks which are measured in terms of speed, delay, and interruptions. Lastly, the network should work with adaptive technology that minimizes the rate of power usage. Mobile devices have a limited power provided by a back lithium battery. If the resource needed to run the network consumes a lot of power, the network becomes less reliable.

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The objectives are followed by the implementers. To achieve the improved network, focused teams are needed to explore the various designs of the networks. It is necessary to document any objectives, strategies, time and cost to allow for continuity of the implementation even in one absence. Also, documentation allows for cooperation among the various teams and brings in new talent which is interested in the plans. A plan also requires action for it to be actualized. Verizon can only embark on a path of process improvement if it turns its plans into reality. This is done by defining a budget. This action improves the actualization of the new technology while cutting labor costs. This will also ensure that the new services are affordable which improves the desirability of the service.

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Verizon also requires a consist checking of the services improvement. Upgrading the reliability of the services by implementing 5G network should be controlled. This is done by rolling out the plan in the actual audience and ensuring the performance. A successful plan oscillates between checking and acting which ensure that the improvement is continuous and is refined at each turn. Verizon cannot guarantee a reliable network in each rollout (Nordrum, 2017). It has to be taken in gradual stages which at the end will be a complete overhaul of the organization services. The coverage of the services together with the completing technology all act towards the successful implementation of the process. Therefore, it is in tandem with the improvement cycle that these stages are followed gradually.

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These carrier services which are enjoyed by the user of the network make it more dependable and thus reliable. Process improvement is a gradual stage that takes the identification of problems through their implementation. Verizon has a stake in the future of networking but only if it improves its process to ensure that there is no shortage of reliable operations. Providing its customer with a guaranteed service assure that the company s constantly changing as per the requirement of the customer and its improvement adds more to its profitability. References O'Dea, M. ieee. org/tech-talk/telecom/wireless/profile-sanyogita-shamsunder-the-problem-solver-behind-verizons-5g-network Mills, C. (2017, July 17). Verizon drops to third place in a new wireless speed test. Retrieved from http://bgr. com/news/verizon-huawei-mate-10-pro-political-pressure-ces/ Cause and Effect Diagram zz Flow Chart.

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