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The company’s mission statement is to be considered the first choice by the majority of the recognized companies in the United States and across the world (Banerjee 40). By expanding the customer base of repeat customers the company will reap enormous profits. The company offers a wide variety of services including; construction services, project management, pre-construction services, administrative services, document control and job site services. TBP contractors evaluate construction projects, provide their cost estimates, and create a work plan and work collaboratively with the owners to meet time and quality goals (Banerjee 40). The company can propose a cost-effective technique of construction and selects the best subcontractors for each of their projects. The market area is currently booming with an estimated population of approximately 300, 000 households and will take advantage of the large market share to increase sales.

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SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • Low prices • Quality customer services • Brand image • Customer loyalty • Customer satisfaction • Training • Networks • Customer relations • Experienced workers • Reputation • Subcontractor relationships • Standard perfection • New markets • Reliant on key clients • uncontrolled growth without infrastructure support • Employees strength • Lack of integrated standardized systems • Lack of diversification of client base • Lack of defined goals • Opportunities Threats • Market growth potential • Increased sales volume • Technological advancement • Equipment upgrades • Training • Joint ventures • Raised profiles • Network connections • Increased market competition • High advertising costs • Barriers to market entry • Employee turnover • Rising construction material cost • Increased liabilities associated with safety Demographics Targets Age 28+ Gender Male or Female Income $30,000-100,000 population 2500,000-500,000 people Education level Diploma /Degree Job profession Engineers /casuals lifestyle Married / single Social groups Home improvements Target Customer Questions 1.

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What is the main factor that makes you decide to purchase construction facilities? 2. How important is the price in determining whether or not you would purchase this alternative building? 3. How long would you be willing to wait for the construction to be completed? 4. They would like also to ensure their classy buildings against fire and any other forms of damage. Timing and budget are a critical success factor. The job would be completed within an agreed-upon time and budget with the owner. Flyer Test The manager together with the owner has created several flyers to send out to specific areas including metro cities, schools, and government institutions. This helps create awareness of the existence of the product to the targeted market, thus ensure continuous growth and business sustainability (Babin 50).

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Target Market; which flyer is more effective John Flyer 2; attractive Laziz Flyer 1: appealing pictures 1liza Flyer 1: unique colors Mashar Flyer 2: Striking message Ian Flyer 2: pretty format and design better than flyer 2 Post Results Both flyers received different comments from different people. From the above results flyer, 2 is the winner. We believe that the design, pictures, and colors give the most appeal to the product. The structural design of the flyer gives the first impression. The first impression is what turns out to be the brand image (Armstrong 30). Target Market Growth Potential The use of effective marketing strategies will lead to an effective action plan and potential market growth (Jacobi 37). This growth will be attained by focusing on total quality production, meeting customer expectation, total quality planning, and responding positively to market changes.

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