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Therefore, most of the people who seek services of Grady Memorial are in need of healthcare, and the number is approximately 0. 7 million people annually (Institute of Medicine (U. S. Apart from the Primary care services the hospital prides itself in the offering of Adult Specialties’ treatments of Cancer, Endocrinology, diabetes, Gastroenterology and GI surgery, Nephrology, Pulmonology and Urology and Neurology. Furthermore, the hospital is fully equipped with a surgery unit and a surgery team that deals with Neurosurgery, colon cancer surgery, heart bypass Surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement and lung cancer surgery. The hospital is equipped to deal with all children related illnesses. Therefore, the demographic of Grady Memorial users is one of the most diverse. Competition Some of the competition that Grady health system receives is from Emory Healthcare, Northside Hospital and Piedmont hospital.

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But the hospital continues to have the upper hand because of all the different centers within one institution, the exemplary surgical unit and its efficient Ambulatory health care services. acknowledging that healthcare is a rather competitive field, Grady continues to have its market Niche through marketing. This can be followed by advertisements on social media platforms having different Advertisements for different target markets. One thing about advertisement is that it enables consumers to see physical evidence and in marketing, perception is everything, therefore all the physical aspects of the hospital should be covered (Plunkett, 2006). Since Grady is mostly aa adult facility, most adults read newspapers, there should also be marketing stories in the Local newspapers, either from patients and even show the attributes of all the available doctors and their accomplishments in their field of expertise.

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This can be backed up by booklets that show all available services being offered and any new projects by the company. Finally, it is important that health care providers illustrate good faith in the communities around them. Therefore, the patients need to know all the procedures and the equivalent price associated from the first step to the final rehabilitation and medication step. Secondly, insurance plays such a huge part in determining the cost patients pay, therefore, it is important to ensure that all patients understand the medical cover taken and the cost associated and if there are any spill over costs to them which way to handle it. more specified cover is more beneficial to the patient. Health care providers could also act as advisors to patients when determining health care insurance to take since they are more knowledgeable of the risks and procedures to be taken.

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Thirdly, understanding the cost of services being offered by an organization. Conclusion Health care marketing plays a major role in the existence of health care providers. Through proper marketing, providers are able market their services to new target markets and even hold their market position amidst all the completion. For the sustainability of healthcare providers, the pricing is important as it will influence user patterns and profitability. Gravy Memorial Hospital is an institution that has been able to employ marketing and pricing strategy that reflects why it is one of the best in the entire country. Healthcare marketing revolves around, product, price, place and promotion and target market. Switzerland, Springer open. Institute of Medicine (U. S. America's uninsured crisis: Consequences for health and health care.

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