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These traits include sexual selection in the evolution of humans as well as natural selection. (Barkow, Cosmides & Tooby, 1996). The theory is often treated as a measure of psychological adaptations of human beings towards the changes in the environment as well as the passing of time. The theorists have suggested that the behavioral habits that are exhibited globally/universally make for possible candidates for evolutionary psychology. They return successful tests of probabilities carried out on varied topics including promiscuity, parental investment as well as others. (Smith, 1977). Parental investment ensures the survival, growth and the reproductive success of the offspring. Evolutionary psychology delves into this trait of parental investment and explains how it affects the offspring's decisions on their future choice of mates, their temperament, and future parenting techniques.

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A similar extension of the parental investment is the grandparental investment that serves to provide various outcomes that would be beneficial to an offspring. Grandparental investment has over the years seen a great increase in the improvement of factors affecting offspring like child mortality, educational investment, attachment connections between parent and child and abuse. It is also was a show of grandparental investment as stated by the theory of evolutionary psychology. Methodology Used Participants To get the results of this study, a random selection of four people was conducted to ensure that there was zero sampling bias and thus an accurate depiction of results could be correctly determined. These participants were chosen on the criteria that they were to have had their maternal and paternal grandparents alive and part of their life during their growing up phase.

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On fulfillment of this criteria, the participants were then interviewed on a series of the question as related to this study. Procedure At the start of the interview, the participants gave verbal consent to giving the correct information to the best of their knowledge about the questions they would be asked. -3 was to indicate that the participant did not feel close to their grandparents with an increase of closeness to +3 where participant felt that he or she was very close to their grandparents. On successful completion of this questions, the next participant was taken through the same procedures as the previous one. Results. The interview was conducted to completion with great involvement recorded from the participants. Problem that could have been encountered was the depiction of a supportive glamorous childhood by the participants in a bid to sound relevant.

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This is aided by the fact that the grandparents are located near to the participant's place of residence. They are therefore able to interact more with the participant and ensure that they are involved in the activities that participant 1 enjoys. This fosters great communication between the participant and the grandparents resulting in a bond that encourages the passing of advice and knowledge to the participant. Disciplinary measures can also be undertaken ensuring that the right path is laid out ensuring that there is an increased survival rate which would not have been so if the participant would be let to guide himself through his growing phase. The grandparents are also able to aid the parent in taking care of the child ensuring that more resources can be directed to other offspring or the parents themselves.

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This is because his or her grandparents do not live nearby and therefore their availability is not guaranteed. Conversation is minimal making interactions difficult. Resources afforded are also on the low end making the participant's needs for gifts or trips not catered. These participants are heavily affected by this lack of investment by the grandparents. Therefore, there is a huge reduction in the inclusive fitness experienced by both the parents and other siblings. A decent amount of time is given enough time to interact with his or her grandparents either through telephone conversations or face to face interactions. This is also aided by the fact that the grandparents while living quite a distance away can make the journey to ensure they interact with their grandchild.

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