Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone book report

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The setting or scenery of the book comes in different places; the first set is with the Dursley’s. The Dursley’s are muggles, these refer to people who are not either witches or wizards. In the second chapter, they are brought in a shack by the ocean which ends the first set. The second set of the book involves a place known as Diagon Alley. This is a place where the witches and wizards go shopping for various items such as cauldrons, books, and other magic wands. Voldemort who is brought out as a murderer for killing Harry’s parents his found by Harry with Sorcerer’s Stone. The reason for having the stone is because he wants to rule over Hogwarts which is the place all the sorcerers’ and wizards are found (Potter, 2001).

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