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Typically, PTAs work in a wide range of locales that include outpatient schools, hospitals, nursing homes, sports facilities, private practices, home health, and schools among others. Additionally, they measure any changes in the performance of the patients following physical therapy (American Physical Therapy Association, 2017). PTAs offer cares like teaching clients /patients exercise for coordination, mobility, and strength, training for various activities including walking in cares, crutches, or walkers, as well as the use of electrotherapy such as electrical stimulation, and ultrasound and physical agents. PTAs’ scope of practice is dynamic as it is progressing with evidence, societal, in addition to education needs. The primary concepts include, jurisdictional, professional, as well as personal. Some of the schools where one can acquire a PTA associate degree include LaGuardia Community College, Miami Dade College, St.

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Petersburg College, and South Texas College among others. Universities offering PTA education include Mercyhurst University, University of Miami, Grand Canyon University, Idaho State University, and Washington University, St, Louis. Completing the program takes approximately two years. The approximate cost for a two-year PTA associate degree at South Texas College is $11,446 (out of state) and $10, 776 (in-state). As per the projections of the U. S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of physical therapists will propagate by around 30% between 2016 and 2026, which is more rapid as compared to all occupations’ median (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018). Moreover, the need for physical therapy assistants is also anticipated to rise in the foreseeable future as the demand for physical therapy services increases and the American population ages. The demand is projected to rise as a way of responding to health care needs of people with chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes, as well as the older population.

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As of 2016, the number of PTAs jobs were 140,300. Physical therapist assistants promote patient/client care by working closely with physical therapists. PTAs develop skills in supporting therapy exercises, monitoring patients, besides assisting them with stretching. Such skills translate well with various medical care professionals especially those that are hands-on. Further, PTAs can assume additional skills, responsibilities, and knowledge in medical coding and billing, quality improvement, clinical management, plus risk management as a way of expanding their responsibilities. IV. 0 while for print and online is $139. 0 (American Physical Therapy Association, 2017). These prices are exclusive of taxes. Another professional journal is Physical Therapy in Sport which can be accessed via Elsevier, which supports open access. For the golden open access publication, the fee is $300 exclusive of taxes (Herrington (Ed), 2018).

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Furthermore, I am a detail-oriented individual and assertive. I believe these skills are crucial in the physical therapy profession. Multitasking is critical as PTAs are required to perform several tasks at one time, and this calls for prioritization of duties. Most importantly, I have an understanding of the human anatomy and how to perform certain exercises. My personal goals include acquiring an associate degree in physical therapy. Retrieved from http://www. apta. org/PTACareers/Overview/ Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2018, April 13). Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U. org/majors/physical-therapy-technician-assistant/ FPTA. (n. d. CE for PT and PTA - Florida Physical Therapy Association. Retrieved from https://www. Retrieved from https://www. indeed. com/q-Physical-Therapy-Assistant-jobs. html Lee Swisher, L. , & Hiller, P.

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