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The HIE also serves the purpose of storing essential information concerning the health status of patients who visit the health centers for different treatments. As such, it forms a platform for physicians, and health care providers can obtain the patients’ medical history. It is an essential element that supports a clear understanding of the historical health status of a patient. The tool helps the health care providers to avoid making assumptions concerning the health history of a patient. Basing on the report by American Health International Management Association, HIE serves a primary goal of facilitating access to health care information upon at the point of demand. With the enhanced information sharing, communication between patient and healthcare providers is instant, a factor that promotes quality treatment of patients.

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Additionally, the HIE enhances the decisions of the of health care providers in treating patients. It is possible for the health status of a patient to be monitored and evaluated by analyzing the historic treatment information. As a result, the medical care providers and practitioners are capable of providing a making informed decisions about the type of treatment for patients. Furthermore, it is essential to note an integration of HIE with other systems from other health departments provides a reliable reporting framework. The information from the PHM programs is vital in disease management, preventive care, and clinical integration. The PHM system plays a central role in improving the treatment that patients receive. It is intriguing to note that various healthcare organizations channel the HIE information to the PHM solution that allows the health care providers to visualize the health patterns of patients (Lento, 2013).

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