Health promotion program targeting preventing childhood obesity in Harris County

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According to World Health Organization’s Health Promoting Schools (HPS) concluded that the tactic of fitness as well as physical activity, together with improved intake of vegetable and fruits had a significant impact on the health of the children (Chuang, Sharma, Perry, & Diamond, 2018). Childhood obesity is a significant challenge in Texas and in a report for the Children’s Hospital organization based in Texas, Abigail Arons clearly outlined that “according to the surveys carried out in 2007 stipulates that close to 32% of children in Texas aged 10 -17 are obese, thus, ranking Texas among the worst performing states for overweight prevention. ” A child is however considered obese when he or she has a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) (Langford, Bonell, Jones, & Campbell, 2015). Consequently, BMI can be estimated in relation to weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters on the Centers for Disease Control growth chart.

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Lifestyle behavior embraced in the childhood are most likely adopted and embedded into the health adaptations of an adult (Whelan et al. Harris County is composed of a distinct community; this health program is entitled to finding ways to prevent overweight in school going children. Therefore, the entire health program focuses on the following; • Participation in frequent physical activity at least 30-60 minutes per day • Healthy nutrition that entails intake of more fruits and whole grain foods • Getting enough sleep among children • Protection of children against UV light • Restriction towards the use of tobacco and alcohol as well • Conducting regular nutrition based counsels • Coming up with family get together that requires everybody’s full participation • Eating enough food to regulate on the portion I hope that the health program will be useful in aiding in the prevention of overweight amongst children.

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Harris county additional needs to put in place better health planning programs so that they can be made available to both parents and children as well (Langford et al. Models/ Theories The survey model would be employed to motivate the targeted participants who are elementary school children (Langford et al. This will enable first-hand information of data, rather than referring to articles and papers published initially. Statistical data as a result of the quantitative measure will, in turn, be used for BMI estimation. The most common procedure for determining obesity is the BMI. It also takes into consideration the birth date, age, measurement date, sex, height, and weight. When the BMI is high, it means the individual is overweight and consequently when the BMI is low the person is considered underweight.

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Calculation of BMI entails division of the height in meters square by the resultant weight of a person in kilograms (kg). Health Education Strategies During the sports day at the beginning of every academic year, seminars and workshops about obesity prevention program should be put in place. Send text messages and emails to parents to support the health program. Next, Representatives from Harris County Health Department have seminars to discuss the health conditions related to obesity. Work together with supermarkets and other food-based location on the promotion of healthy living. Resources For effective running of the program, it will require the involvement of both internal and external committee. Additionally, the advertisement placed in media will show the location of the program.

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Regarding product, something must be offered to children to motivate them to take part in the program. Free cancer screenings and BMI measures will be done to bring to light more target population. Timeline for implementation Activity Time Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Training of committee members Getting financial aids Family involvement Program revision Program kick off Diet exercise plan Implementation Program evaluation Report binding Evaluation of Program: I will do pilot testing amid the developmental assessments to ensure that families are following the dietary changes and expanding their kid's movement level. When support seems deficient, I will roll out improvements to energize program interest and address any necessities that are keeping their cooperation. This prevention program primarily focuses on the future of the children when they become adults.

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