Healthcare trends and issues from biblical perspective

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This paper will discuss the healthcare trends and issues from the Biblical perspective. There have been growing trends in the health and ministry where the religion and spirituality have a great impact on health and the governing voice presented by medicine. The number of churches offering ministries of health has greatly increased usually consisting of professional healthcare and structured in the region of a diversity of models inclusive of the faith society nursing, healthiness ministry groups, healthiness activists and faith founded clinics. The nurses and physicians are been joined by experts in fitness and nutritionists for the purpose of involving faith in their job, causative to faith-based health learning income. The faith community has been recognized by the academic, government and nonprofit associations of been of great significance in the improvement of health communities due to their potential of accessing difficult-to-reach groups.

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In the world today the renewal of the mind is important which does not necessitate the confirmation of the world’s outlook concerning health but entails that health is collective accountability. The body is regarded as the temple of the Holy Spirit according to 1 Corinthians 6:19-20) which is the most referenced scripture on the consideration of health. Demonstration of making the difference in the health behaviors by the church healthy programs have been anticipated (Wang et al, 2013). The articulation of the scriptural sustain for self-care and to deal with where church custom has alienated body, intellect, and soul. Moreover, food plays an essential role in honoring the body. , Lucchetti A. L. , Puchalski C. M. Spirituality in medical education: Global reality? Journal of Religion and Health, 51(1), 3-19.

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