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They provide culturally centered medical services to provide recovery and at the same time enable those affected to coexist with others in the communities they live in. Problem statement The case study analysis will help us understand the major issue affecting and influencing performance in Hill View Hospital. The management of the hospital should have a smart way of introducing change and at the same time have a special way of managing the change introduced in the organization. (Brokel & Harrison, pg 88) Change is inevitable but people do resist change. Due to status quo many employees in organizations tend to resist new strategies and new ways of doing or approaching the job in question in specific departments within the organization. (Helms & Judy, pg 225)opportunities and the potential threats facing the organization.

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In a nutshell SWOT analysis is simply a tool for planning that helps organization in identifying challenges and at the same time helps the organization in determining new leads that can be pursued to the success of the organization once given the right approach. The internal factors of a business give the organization key strengths in operations and also can be sources of the major weaknesses of the organization as defined using the SWOT analysis too. Hill View is thriving on key and special strengths such as;. (Helms & Judy, pg 225) strong financial funding this gives the hospital good grounds to invest in worthwhile projects and agendas that can help the organization in achieving milestones better than their weaker competitors who are still struggling financially.

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A system that is effective should and must reduce errors, and fatigue to the users, provides the necessary functionality to the practice it was meant for, and at best in facilitates efficiency. (Kaplan $ Harris, pg 296) On the other hand a system that provides poor usability has end products such as; long training time to the users implying it is complex and not user friendly, it also doesn’t promote efficiency, then also promotes fatigue and error and at the same time it might be difficult to customize and it hinders productivity. Successful implementation of EHR system at Hill View will result to; a working patient portal accessible to all the patients from the comfort of their houses, capability in secure messaging to patients, additional and improved storage for patients records, (Kaplan $ Harris, pg 296) system security, easy retrieval of patients data, faster decision making and ability to share patients data between health centers and at the bottom line efficiency will be attained easily in Hill View since the entire process will be automated for faster and streamlined response and service delivery.

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Alternatives There should be always provisions for contingencies in operations and plans. In case the full implementation of EHR system fails and or the change implementation process doesn’t yield as expected, the management could have several alternative plans of action in place to help in such a dark hour or period to prevent operations from collapsing or even failing completely. Research also shows that out of 30% of the organizations which successfully implement the EHR system eventually abandons it either due to complexity or due to cost factor. The cost of running and managing an EHR machine is in most cases not relative to the return on investment as expected by organizations and this doesn’t add up to the bottom line of the organization.

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My recommendations to the small and medium organizations which cannot manage to meet the operational costs of managing the full system of EHR system to fist adopt the sub EHR system which are able to perform most of the critical functions then slowly integrate the subsystems into the larger and main EHR system as time goes by and whenever they feel they can operate comfortably with the main system for EHR. Again the process of implementing change should be gradual and introducing sub EHR systems slowly will also facilitate acceptance of change with ease and reduce much resistance to change in organizations since it will provide a nice climate of change and change acceptance and sustainability. Action and implementation plan Electronic Health Record system implementation to a health center is a stretchy or long process and clear timelines should be set as well as the right courses of action in order to see full implementation, (Brokel & Harrison, pg 88) operationalization and sustainability of the system yielding the right deliverables to the organization.

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Address staff level of readiness. Come up with a project plan and timeline. Prepare staff for changes ask for their support. Do cost benefit analysis and the return on investment for the EHR system 1month. check any staff concerns and whether goals and priorities are set. Perform additional staff training. post launch reviews is conducted for implementation. Evaluation of EHR goals met,. Working directly with project facilitator to keep truck of the progress. Continuous process. , & Harrison, M. I. Redesigning care processes using an electronic health record: A system’s experience. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, 35(2), 82–92. Campbell, R. 3 (2010): 215-251 Kaplan, B. &Harris-Salamone, K. D. Health IT success and failure: Recommendations from literature and an AMIA workshop. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 16(3): p.

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