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Author Note Class Professor January 31, 2023 Historical perspective (from the standpoint of Louverture Toussaint ‘The Black Napoleon’). Introduction. I was born to slavery in 1743, and after living and serving as a slave for the better part of my life, I got my freedom and later joined the only successful slave revolt in modern history (Spencer, 2013). Our rebellion was mainly focused on Haiti and Santa Domingo which were very close to the Louisiana region of contemporary America. The common factor in these regions is that they were all controlled by the French and as our rebellion grew, the French felt the pressure among other external factors that led to the sale of the Louisiana region to the American government. I am also going to shed more light on other vital issues which are closely related to this land deal.

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These issues include the general importance of the purchase in an American context, how the purchase impacted my life, and lastly how it also impacted the life my people in the long run. The general importance of the Louisiana land deal. This deal marked the departure of France from the American and Caribbean territory, and this played a role in securing our freedom as slaves. But on the other hand, the Americans benefited more from the purchase both defensively and economically. This acquisition also reshaped the American history because by buying this land, it brought an end to the presence of the French in North America. It also changed history because the small part of that land is where the country of Canada currently lies and it also shaped the trade patterns for farmers in the early times.

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How the Louisiana Purchase changed Toussaint Louverture’s life. Personally, the Louisiana Purchase did not turn out so well for me. This because the sale enabled the French ruler to get more funds which he used against the slave revolt that I led. I also took pride in some of my achievements before being imprisoned. I got so much pride from the fact that slaves in Haiti were not the first to try but were the first to gain their independence. Apart from that I also took some pride in skills such as a being a skilled horseman and having some medicinal knowledge too. One of my challenges as a ruler was to ensure that all races in Haiti were socially equal.

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The African Americans felt like their time had come and they were to evict all the whites and this put the whites at risk as they could easily be attacked by the slaves that had previously served them. Conclusion. The Louisiana Purchase is one of the most famous land purchases in American history. This is because many controversies are surrounding it among other interesting facts including the role that was played by slavery revolts. Besides all the business and war strategies that encompass the Louisiana land purchase, the other important point is that it opened doors for the decline in slavery which led to Haiti getting its independence and also other regions having stable communities of free Africans. The struggle was not easy, and much was lost in the course of getting independence for the African-Americans who were slaves.

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