Homicide among the Juvenile

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The data from table 1. 1 about school-associated violent deaths of all persons, suicides, and homicides of youths aged between 5 and 18 years is analyzed in details. The trend of homicide incidences is brought out within the five year period. Its relevance on combating the problem is also discussed. Also, the application of the institution’s core value of respect is explained. Homicide It has been one of the serious criminal offences in educational centres in the United States (Borum, Cornell & Jimmerson, 2010). Additionally, suicide and other forms of victimization such as thefts also form the bigger picture of criminal activities among the juvenile. It can be defined as the act of an individual taking away the life of another person. Such cases have been a concern for the department of justice in the country.

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The courts have received many instances of such kinds for the past decade. It portrays an accurate picture of the situation within and outside our schools. The following table represents extracted facts on homicides as recorded. Table 1. 1 Juvenile homicides Year Sum of homicides related to schools(Including stuff) Juvenile homicides at schools Total juvenile homicides including those outside schools 2006-2007 48 32 1801 2007-2008 39 21 1744 2008-2009 29 18 1605 2009-2010 27 19 1410 2010-2011 26 11 1339 2011-2012 26 15 1199 Robers, Zhang, Morgan and Gillette analyse the fatal deaths that are related to the school fraternity (2015). The sum up of all violent deaths within the institution’s fraternity is given. It reduced significantly by about 33% for the six years period. The data show that such crimes are prevalent outside the learning institutions. The homicide crimes that have happened after and before school hours are above 1000 cases from the 2006-2007 to the 2011-2012 period.

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Additionally, the number of homicides committed by the school staff is lower compared to those of students. In all the dimensions, the major crime that is dominant in the schools is the homicide. The youth need not have access to arms. Additionally, there are minimal instances of homicides on the non-students sides compared to the students’. It is an indication that the juvenile is more susceptible to commit such a crime compared to the non-students within the school fraternity. Such difference can be as a result of drug abuse. The youth engage more in drugs which may affect their judgment in one way or another. The fact that the homicides rate is still high poses a challenge to the concerned to put more efforts on enhancing security for the students, especially at schools.

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The community also has the task of being vigilant because more incidences are reported outside schools (Tanner, 2015). The parents and the society have the role of monitoring and correcting the kids. Core Value of Respect It is an essential aspect of our stay at the University. It acts as a unifying factor for all the students within the school environment. References Barrios, L. Preventing school violence a time for hard solid thinking.  Western Journal of Medicine, 2(174), 89-90. Retrieved from https://www. ncbi. cgi?article=1533&context=mhlp_facpub Jonson, C. Preventing School Shootings: The Effectiveness of Safety Measures.  Journal of International Research of Evidence-Based Research, Policy And Practice, 12(6), 2-4. Retrieved from https://www. tandfonline. pdf Tanner, C. Reducing youth violence: The role of afterschool Programs.

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