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Appropriate measures should be put into place to curb and completely finish the insecurity issues (Swanson et al, 2016). For instance, these includes; terrorist invasion, robbery, raping cases, grabbing of resources corruption and so on. Integrating nations to conduct several meetings aimed at curbing insecurity issues like the United Nations body should be incorporated to have a solid foundation of fostering peace, unity and harmony all over the world. Considering the huge losses in terms resources, products and life insecurity problems, there are reasons for mitigating this menace. Literature review Upon remunerations of security strategies in the whole country, general standardization of procedures for generating peaceful ideologies has to be generated. Current study Due to increased cases of crimes officiating through different forms, we have noticed that these crimes are majorly caused by those individuals who have the feeling they can misuse the firearms and cause troubles to other individuals who are innocent.

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Having this tool at hand will make many people to invest into it and hence may cause numerous troubles in the whole society. Despite the fact that the government is aware of this illegal act, some government officials are aware and also they possess them. Hence the procedures driven toward seizing the firearms may face some serious hindrances since the biggest number of supporters is the political aspirants (Moreno eta al 2017). Gun violence is becoming unbearable to most of the people in the whole county and without putting appropriate measures then this menace cannot be brought to an end. Then potentially moves into those citizens who are ineligible to own weapons specifically firearms and therefore restores them. According to the current rule of law, NICS have the authority to scrutinize all the citizens in their homes, search from the databases to maintain index and therefore, disqualify additional gun ownerships.

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In addition, all private organizations are not authorized to access the databases for checks and seizures. Since they belong to the public government to establish the truth of the general information of unlawful curtails who once caught having guns. Another incidence of background check is by utilization of Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. DNA test in scene of crime is administered and eventually the truth is established (Moreno et al 2017). This form of check is normally done by computer experts whom adversely utilize the uses of technology devices to immensely articulate the cause of the crimes. Proposed analysis for the hypothesis Gun possession is increasingly becoming rapid all over America. There should be thorough investigations to stop the curtailers having them and probably, they be seized.

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This is due to the fact that; possession of illegalized weapons is a major case that should be administered to the rule of law. Therefore, that person is prohibited to buy another gun for a certain period of time. Background check may not at all necessitate due to the fact, some ignorant individuals are acquiring cheaply imported guns from other countries, privately owned businesses, ordering via online e-business conducting media platforms. Even if some people are meeting the required standards of gun purchase, other people illegally possess them without the consent of the government. Following the thorough researches about security checks, it is a clear indication, comprehensive and precise clarifications for accuracy to modernize transparency in the society have improved. Search and seizing guns has greatly contributed in reduction of gun crimes and other forms of criminology issues.

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