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Doctors, social workers, nurses, counselors among other trained volunteers from the hospice team that ensures these sick individuals face death in a more calmer atmosphere than they would in hospitals. This research aims at providing history to this program that dates back to the medieval time of ill travelers who were offered shelter (“hospis”). The contribution of particular individuals like the Saunders is also focused on details. Saunders came up with the idea of specialized care among the dying in USA in the year 1963 during a visit to Yale University. The purpose of this program will also be discussed among the common ones being the offering of spiritual, psychological and emotional support to the sick nearing death. During this time, the Roman Catholic sisters of charity showed the responsibility of proving a supportive and a clean environment mainly to cater for the terminally ill.

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However, there was work not appreciated until 1970’s. Also, it during this 4th century AD that the monasteries among other religious orders accepted to open the doors to the seriously ill, pilgrims, and the elderly. At this time, it was based merely on the principle of pure charity, besides feeding the hungry and offering a place to rest towards the weary travelers. During the mid-1800 it referred to the care given to the dying patients by Mrs. In simple terms, its primary purpose is providing quality life to the dying patients. This is mainly achieved through a holistic approach to emotional, spiritual, physical and mental comfort to the caregivers, families and the patients themselves. This is made possible by a hospice team that has an understanding of the hospice care specific goals.

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They ensure the patients have final happy days. This is by making sure they live with dignity up to the last moment. Intent Hospice care intends to assist patients to live in dignity, comfortably and peacefully up to the death moment. The controlling of pain and other symptoms is given the priority. This ensures living high-quality life throughout the dying process. This way, the ill are guaranteed to live according to their abilities and wishes. Furthermore, family members can cope with issues surrounding the death of their loved ones. For instance, people living in rural areas find it difficult to access such services as compared to individuals living in town. People in rural areas may even lack awareness of such services.

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Despite being trained in various medical careers, most of the health care professionals lack the appropriate knowledge required in end of life issues, pain and disease management. Laws behind the Program Currently, there are no clear laws concerning providing of hospice care. However, various states like Colorado are coming up with rules intended to make it simpler for the dying to communicate their wishes. This is because cases of terminal illness are currently on the rise. A good example is whereby it has been estimated that the end of the year 2020 will experience an increase of up to 157 million cases of chronic illness (Saunders, 2013). Also, the cost of clinical services among the chronic disease patients and the elderly whose death is a common phenomenon is exceedingly high.

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