How does social media use affect health and wellness

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Initially, social media embarked on passing message, contrary to what exists in the resent in which individuals share photos as well as stories. The full-blown stage was evident in 2006 when Facebook dominated various spaces of the world. It is apparent that the various networks have positive impacts such as keeping friends and communicating. Moreover, the educational benefits are tremendous, which fosters globalization. Unfortunately, the negative impacts on health and wellbeing also exist, and that prompts the particular research. Decision making, therefore, becomes compromised. Parents are not doing anything to control the menace. In fact, most parents are willing to give their children smartphones and ensure the children can access the internet. Yes, it can be helpful for educational purposes (Singleton et al.

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However, care and guidance are needed to limit the individual from accessing certain pages which might corrupt his or her mind. These individuals suffer the consequences of cyberbullying and are likely to find it hard coping with various situations. Immorality takes a different angle in the contemporary society. Previously, people considered various aspects such as dress code and relationship to determine whether a person is immoral. Currently, everything exists over the internet (Tobi et al. Pornographic films are everywhere. Hence, the focus should be on appropriate utilization of various social media aspects to promote growth. Research methodology Data collection is a crucial part of any research since it makes it possible to obtain the relevant ideas. Documents and records formed the center of this process.

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The method proved inexpensive since the process entailed accessing databases, journal, books and other publications to get the necessary information for the research. Interviews and questionnaires also formed part of the research. It is also evident that the level of depression for instance obtained due to too much online presence limits individuals from exploring various aspects of life. Failure in their studies emerges as one of the reasons due to lack of enough sleep. From the research sources, it is possible to estimate the number of individuals utilizing various social media platforms in different parts of the world. That is helpful in making the demographic projections. However, future research should give room for more time. Pantic, Igor. "Online social networking and mental health.

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