How has Social Media Changed the way we communicate with One another and Build Relationship

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Sharing personal daily experiences also form the basis for the use of social media. The significance of social media on human life can be established by critically analyzing and assessing the impact it has had on the way people communicate and build relationships. Analysis The Sense of Urgency and Need to Share The emergence of social media has greatly impacted on the way people communicate and build relationships by creating a sense of urgency and the need to share. The sense of compulsion to act in a particular way has grown ever since the use of social media begun. Similarly, the need to share has also significantly increased because of the ability of social media to circulate information easily and fast. This is the exact problem with social media. Even though the information is circulated faster, there are concerns of whether some instances will actually help build relationships.

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Similarly, President Trump thoughts in a public address seemed to have negative sentiments about the negative effects of the media, social media being a part of this, on how people relate. He said that “the only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake new,” (Time, 2017). This is the biggest threat as well in social media because the authenticity of the information shared in it is questionable. Despite the lack of socialization, relationships can still be built through having conversations via social media because there is a connection between the involve parties in a conversation (Mergel & Schweik, 2012 p. Efficiency in Education According to Chimamanda’s (2016) article, this is the time when the media has to take responsibility, of informing and educating. Social media is part of the entire media industry and can, therefore, be used for both these purposes.

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Connecting this information to the theme of this paper, it is clear that social media platforms can be used to educate and inform. Most of the media houses worldwide have adopted the means of relaying information to the public through social media, for the news headlines and specific details that may not be able to be aired because of a lack of time. Messages in the past were delivered via the post office, for example, and this was very hectic because the information that could not be expressed in writing was often omitted. Social media can personalize any type of message and the biggest advantage is that there is room for immediate feedback (Gohel, 2015 p. Social media has gone a long way in ensuring there is connectivity amongst family members and friends.

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Intelligent web based data personalization is a feature that helps the social media users customize their data particulars before updating them for public view. This is a mechanism which enables a Facebook user, for example, to personalize a photograph such that if it looked bad it can be modified to look better based on the user’s preferences.  International Journal of Innovative and Emerging Research in Engineering (IJIERE) 2. Mergel, Ines A. and Charles M. Schweik. The paradox of the interactive web in the US public sector.  Social media, crisis communication, and emergency management: Leveraging Web 2. technologies. CRC press, 2016.

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