How Maps Demonstrates Globalization and Regionalization

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But in this research paper, the focus is being directed on the geographical ideas that help in explaining regionalization and globalization basing arguments through evidence from maps. Historically, globalization has been perceived as a phenomenon that is able to bring change through global competition. In this case, regionalization was seen as a phenomenon that will greatly influence independence based on global economic factors that will have been caused by the growth of globalization power. Therefore, explaining how maps demonstrate globalization and regionalization will help in effectively understanding the specifics patterns evident from the maps and how concepts are related to specific regions in them. However, globalization is defined as the academic concept that is coined as wells as explained by spatial delimitation of nature, social, culture, political and economic factors reflecting reality, (National Geographic Society).

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This gave birth to Soviet industrialization legacy that later influenced its environs. In the clothing map, the patter in clear since the largest percentage of clothing is from Asia and Russia which was then the Soviet Socialist Union is among them. Another pattern that can help in explaining globalization and regionalization based on the maps is the climatic conditions as well as climate change. Different regions have different climatic conditions or climate change, (Marston, et al. Climate is a product of climate system which is the effect of the solar energy and its interaction with the air, water, ice, ecosystem, and landforms. The permanent members of the organization are the United States, Russia, China, Britain, Great Britain, France, and the Great Assembly which include almost all the international sovereign states.

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Another organization is the Social Movement which is focused on the political and social issues that affect citizens. The issues include human rights, climate change or environmental issues such as natural calamities. Through this organizations, the regions are globalized based on the issues handled them. Gender is another factor that defines globalization, and regionalization. Countries like Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Germany are also listed, ( "Spring 2018 World Geo Map Calculations: Electronics Map" ). The clothing, media and electronic production explain how regions are linked through the production of the same commodity. Conclusion In conclusion, globalization and regionalization are interrelated subjects that explain different phenomena in the world and how their existence. Geographically, western countries are seen to have well developed economic and political structures.

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