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Communists argue that contemplation is usually a luxury and therefore there is no application of free will in any actions. It is through these behaviors that humans tend to forget certain necessary things and act as if all things are alright whereby in a real sense there is a lot to deal with in this regard. Therefore, the concept of existentialism is a representation of the philosophical undertaking of most of the actions of individuals and the reproaches provided are limited. In all the reproaches provided on the matter, humanism remains as an essential concept since it affirms the truths of the actions in question. Humanism has an emphasis on the importance of human life and hence providing a better perspective through which such matters should be addressed.

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In appreciating such concepts, it is vital to compare with the understanding of other philosophers on the same issue. Sartre and Kant contributed to various philosophical concepts and the differences in opinion are crucial in the provision of a clearer understanding of the matters in question. Regarding the issue on existentialism, Kant incorporates the aspects of morality and argues that although human beings are free agents, they have to consider the morality of their actions. Allowing themselves to be guided by such concepts is crucial in the maintenance of the day to day lives (Schneider, Pierson & Bugental, 2014). It is through this concept that individuals get the opportunity to separate the ethical and wrong issues as well as the determination of the best way forward on all matters considered.

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As for Sartre, the concept is a representation of how human beings tend to be, how they may choose to act in their personalities as well as the availability of essence to assist in making better and informed decisions. The three philosophical views from Sartre, Kant, Buddha, and Plato differ, but the aspect existentialism stands strong. The theme of the paper is outlining the concept of existentialism by elaborating on the theme of existence being prioritized before essence. It explores the various arguments provided by Sartre indicating human beings as free agents and the availability of free will to undertake any actions. It explores the concept of existence coming before essence whereby individuals materialize any actions that they want to take along the way.

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