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The study will also show the comparative strengths and weaknesses, supporting arguments in this issue. Matters concerning human nature based on the Darwin’s view and religious views such as Hobbes, materialism, Cartesian mind, the and the feminism challenge among others will be illustrated and discussed in depth in order to come up with a successful study. Keywords: Human Nature, Darwin’s View Rationalistic and Religious View Introduction Before Darwin introduced the scientific view of human nature in the 18th and 19th century he realized that the world was much older than he assumed (Cartwright 10). Some geologist like Charles Lyell came up with different views of human nature; they realized that layers of soil or rocks were formed by processes such as sedimentation, erosion and eruption.

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They tried to compare these processes in a bid to come up with a clear explanation of human nature. In this case, Darwin discovered than human beings have evolutionally developed in terms thinking. He compared this aspect by drawing different behavioral activities which were practiced by the human beings before the evolution; they used to shelter in trees, caves and valley while, as a result of evolution, the behavior improved whereby human beings started to build their own simple house structures. The evolution could also be noticed in the human physical development whereby the body which was completely covered by hair gradually developed and the lot of hair disappeared leaving some hair which shows the evolution. Darwin supported his view by drawing example evident in today’s human being.

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For example, he explained than human beings have hair on their skin. How we think about “human beings” has influenced and challenged people’s everyday ideas about all aspects of personal and social issues. This is directly related to human moral responsibilities and the general humanity. The religion view of human nature says that human beings are responsible beings; therefore, no non-human behavior is expected from any human beings at any time unlike the Darwin’s view which points out some animistic behavior in the course of human evolution. In this case, the religion view explains responsibilities of human beings according to the biblical teachings; human beings are said to be superior being and have responsibility over all animals. According to Cartwright (10), this shows that human being cannot have possibly evolved from monkeys.

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Cartesian Mind This aspect has tried to show the ability of human beings to think and have a certain faith as a result of evolution or religion. Darwin’s view of human nature explains how human beings developed their thinking capacity (Niebuhr 6). Through evolution, over a many years, human beings improved their thinking capacity and this could be clearly noticed from their behavioral activities. Darwin explains how human beings could realize their issues such as food and shelter. In this case, they were able to put up more improved houses and started cooking other than eating wild fruits. My View of Human Nature Having being raised in a Christian faith, my view on human nature is simply the Western religion view.

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