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On one side, scholars argue that the current war on terror has enhanced security in the national and international scope. 1 However, this war is tremendously painfully to innocent individuals across the globe, specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan, the United States and Pakistan. Every extra year and decade of warfare adds to this toll. 2 Additionally, the human cost of the war on terror will resonate for several upcoming periods in each of the distressed nations. The war on terror has been unswervingly accountable for the extensive series of vital human rights violation such as torture, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, unfair trials, loss of lives, and repression of the oppositions. For instance, prisoners were detained without the oversight of the Global Red Cross (as directed by the Geneva principles) in several black jails at Afghanistan5.

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Furthermore, the governments supporting the war on terror are cited to be moving from irregularity to surprising rendition via the move of removing suspects from the fortification of the law. These removals are typified by the renditions and vanishings that have been shaping the matters of various proceedings. To demonstrate, the United States stole suspects from the law protected cells to the CIA-run secret back cells while conveying others to the foreign countries with more sloppy human rights principles to be questioned through the seizure process (extraordinary rendition)6. Additionally, other regimes violate human rights at the will of America as means of securing counterterrorism funding and other favors. 11 For example, the American Department of Justice required a federal grand judge to summon Mike Levine, Fox news reporter, in January 2011.

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12 The department directed the reporter to disclose his sources for the 2009-coverage about the Somali Americans who were arraigned in Minneapolis for joining the Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Somalia. 13The instance depicts the ways this war is guaranteeing denial of human rights. Discrimination is another detrimental consequence associated with the war on terror. This war has enhanced the emergence of amoral segregation between non-citizens and nationals among individuals of distinct ethnicities, races, and gender14. This war has harmed the education systems in the affected countries in several ways resulting to the substantial damages or complete degradation of these education systems. The war on terror has led to the demolition of infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, and electricity thus depriving the citizens an opportunity of enjoying public services.

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The instances, figures, and evidence presented in the paper support the stance that the comprehensive war on terror is substantially contributing to the loss of civil liberties across the world. This war has resulted to the massive loss of human lives, arbitrary detentions, unfair and delayed trials, discriminations, sexual harassments, deprivation of the right to free speech, association, and assembly, and blockade of the right to basic education. The prisoners handed over by countries such as the United States to several black jails in the world are likely to be detained without charge given that the repressive laws enacted by several governments in the grounds of fighting terrorism will remain in the statute books. Accessed February 25, 2018. https://www. statista. com/statistics/202871/number-of-fatalities-by-terrorist-attacks-worldwide/.

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