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It is a preschool that offers early childhood education and cares with more than 120 centers countrywide (My First Skool, 2018). It offers quality curriculum and contains innovative resources that keep curious minds of their children engaged. In My First Skool childcare children feel right at home under the dedicated care of their teachers in a safe and nurturing environment. Children enjoy their learning journey at My First Skool since learning is made fun and engaging (My First Skool, 2018). My First Skool provide a strong foundation for the children to realize their fullest potential by developing their social skills, strengthening their moral values and characters as well as harnessing linguistic abilities of those children (ANG, 2018). Stakeholders My First Skool stakeholders comprise of any person having an interest in the operations of the business.

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The main stakeholders are parents, employees (teaching and non-teaching staff), security organization, suppliers, shareholders, drivers, and banks. The main business goal of the new information system The new information system will aim at solving the problem of long queues during the admission process and the confusion that most of the parents face during admission dates (ANG, 2018). All admission activities will be automated and integrated into one mobile application. This will replace long queues and reduce overcrowding during admission dates (My First Skool, 2018). The third Field will require parent particulars. These are the details of both parents if available. The fourth field to be displayed will contain a Short Survey to be filed by the parents. The survey will contain two parts.

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The first part will require the parents to tell how they got to know about my First school while the second part will require the parents to describe their current child care arrangement. Figure 2: Class analysis diagram The registration fee will be paid once. However, if a parent has to register more than one child, will be required to pay the fee depending on the number of children he or has to register. Figure 3: Class analysis diagram Every child will be enrolled into one programme. Choices in system acquisition for My First Skool The alternatives available to system development include licensing software which is ready-made, outsourcing, developing own applications or contracting with an application service provider (Wetherbe, et al 2007). Cost is the commonly used as a deciding factor when making choice on the best alternative to use.

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Objectives for this method This system aims at meeting several objectives. However the goals have to be S. M. A. R. In addition, the proposed registration system will aim at minimizing the cost of registration, save time and eliminate long queues associated with registration process (Abbasi, Et al 2016). 0 Proposed Centralized Registration System 2. 1 Description of the System The new registration system will allow parents to register their students at My First School with a one click. The system will allow the parents to contact the registration process anywhere, anytime they wish to since the system will be integrated in their smartphones (Abbasi, Et al 2016). 2 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Proposed System The proposed system will have the following advantages; cost reduction, time saving, and reduce queues (Abbasi, Et al 2016).

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However, the new system is automated and integrated with the user mobile phones hence everything is done online. The new system is expected to save time and reduce registration costs. 0 Project schedule • Review feasibility study by the director to confirm familiarity with the study • Briefing of school national administrators • Briefing of the board members of the schools • Approval by the board • Submission of the project to the State Department of education for approval • Come up with a project team • Identify project’s lead consultant • Prepare schematic design • Draw the system • Estimate installation costs • Decide acquisition choice • Advertise for bids • Open bids • Choose the cheapest option • Start installation • Contact evaluation 5. 0 Final Recommendation The recommendation will include final evidence to support the recommendation and the recommendation rational.

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Brief statement of requirements F01- The system will allow the user fill their personal details F02- The system will automatically detect user payment for the registration process to commence F03- The system will ensure confidentiality by keeping personal information and payments details secretly. The system is put into use and changes start being experienced in the organization. After the system is implemented evaluation is done to assess whether the system is in line with the outlined objectives. The new system should not be a burden to the organization, but it should bring improvements in the business operations. In case of any deviation from the listed objectives, an analysis is done to identify the cause of the variance. References Wetherbe, J.

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