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Page managed Fort Wayne that was labeled the largest. Though an engineer, Page was not very much conversant with the information system, and therefore appointed Browning an expert engineer. Browning was supposed to investigate activities, issues affecting the information system and come up with the solutions to get it back to the right track. Among the issues that were problematic to Fort Wayne include; inadequate orders that almost caused its closure, informal procedures and little capital for upgrading the systems. Browning was charged with the responsibilities of coming up with four recommendations that would help Page make a decision on which recommendation to use for the IS. The software will handle bonus users and workload. • The computing centralized environment is also advantageous to the staff as they get to enjoy faster worker from the centralized environment.

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• Another advantage of the computing centralized environment is that it is so easy to manage and also maintain. How an IS staff would be needed to guide the existing staff since they contain little or no knowledge about the computing system. The system also calls for additional staff, and therefore more would be added to expand the training and support the system. The servers are hosted on the internet and are responsible for manage, maintain and process data. Unlike in other systems that use personal computers or local servers, cloud computing uses the remote servers. Pros • One of the greatest advantage in cloud computing is that there is no cost when it comes to the purchasing of hardware. In coming up with other systems, the company will have to incur an additional cost from the IT infrastructure.

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The cost would include the cost of servers, specialized IT, staff, network devices, storage, and software. • Cloud services run on a redundant infrastructure which ensures high availability of the services. Cons • The system staff in the company has limited knowledge of the Linux operating system. • The security of the data is unsecured since cloud services are public. The security of the system therefore solely relies on how the cloud providers will be taking care of the company’s data. Therefore in considering cloud computing option Page will have to find cloud providers that are following max compliances for the data security. • Giving time for the Linux operating system and trying it would also increase more knowledge about the system and the employees will be more conversant.

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Cons • The option does not help since it does not provide clear improvement plans. Therefore the issues in the IS experienced by Page and the company will continue to be felt. The recommendation will not have solved the problem. The staff also will still have limited knowledge concerning the operating systems. To bring the company to the right track I will, therefore, recommend that Page considers using both the first and the third options together. Therefore important applications will use mainstream in a centralized computing system, and other non important applications will use servers that are hosted on the internet and are responsible for manage, maintain and process data. The hosting company will manage virtual machines. Mixing of the two options will ensure that the centralized computing system is easy to manage.

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