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It can also be defined by as the process where businesses set corporate goals, monitoring the methods used to achieve company goals, and then create suitable ways for managers to effectively achieve the set goals (Saeed at el. In some organization the integration of business and IT process as well as business intelligence is the first step in managing business performance. Organizations for example use BPM to expand the range of economic goals by leveraging their business performance management systems and moving towards measurable economic goals such as customer profitability and margin performance. Outline some of the steps in implementing a BPM system Business performance management is more than providing annual reviews for employees. It involves working together with them, identifying their weaknesses and strengths, and helping them increase productivity.

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ii. Dashboard Dashboards are designed to provide at a glance views of key performance indicators (KPI’s) relevant to a particular business process. It is also known as progress report in a business and allows managers track progress. iii. Balanced scorecard Balanced scorecard is a performance management tool, supported by automation tools, and used by managers to keep track of the execution of activities by employees as well as monitoring consequences that arise from their actions. State what you understand by the concept of “data mining” and its relevance to providing management information. Data mining is the process of sorting through large data in order to identify underlying patters and establish a relationship that will allow a company solve eminent problems through the established patterns.

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In management data mining allow companies predict future business trends. This is because when companies sort data and analyze they discover trends vital to the company existence. Data mining established accuracy and prevents existence on less factual information. On the other end Query language (QL) is a computer programming language that requests and retrieves data and information from information systems and database by sending queries. This program unlike the report program generator which takes in data from spreadsheets works based on user entered structured and formal programming command based queries to find and extract data from host databases. Explain the importance of business intelligence(BI) and place this into context within management information systems(MIS) Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of techniques and technologies used by businesses to transform transactional data into more useful information that can be easily understood by the people in business.

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With BI a business will be able to create strategies and arrive at informed decisions about products or customers based on long term trends used to predict market trends of both products and clients. In management information systems BI enables business to measure health of business and make necessary adjustments before things get out of hand. What is a relational DBMS – illustrate your answer with examples. Relational database management system (RDBM) is a type of database whose data is mainly stored in tables. Most databases used today by organizations are relational databases as they are more efficient. Databases such as the flat file or hierarchical database have been abandoned because they take up more space and memory, and less efficient. Relational database is efficient because it uses multiple tables that make it easy for businesses to store data.

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