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Therefore, literary criticism creates language and theories that explain literary expression. Traditional and most of the creative work in history adds a lot of value and mining to human life and culture. In fact, it is safe to say that a lot of humanity fields or subjects make up a great part of our culture. This is because most humanities tend to study our day-to-day lives. This is because all of us have had aggregate experience of theoretical performance, read a good novel. In addition, Listened to a poem which changed how we perceived we view the world. This is quite a common experience as the study of humanities teaches one to be more social and understanding to people from different cultures. Describe the cultural developments you noted and then evaluate their application to modern life. Another important early in cultural development was almost half a million years ago when pottery was first invented. Back then, most of the pottery was made of clay. This practice, however, stopped over 100 years ago as development progressed. However, it became an art over time, in the modern times most people use clay to come up with other artistic pieces of art. Although the technique came from ancient Mesopotamia, it is widely used in all parts of the world today. This is spread I culture is buying an example of the changes that have occurred over the years in intercultural integration ("81. Development of Modern Civilization", 2018). Stone Age This is the first stage of cultural development.

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It is a “prehistoric” time between 50,000–3000 BC. In this era, man first started using metals. However, despite this discovery, most of the houses back then were built from wood and stone. Very little evidence of the structures still exists. This is because it is a big part of the social media connection. Without writing, it is hard for me to adequately express them in this new era. Therefore, the discovery of writing as a part of cultural development really improved life, as we know it. Iron Age The Iron Age was between 1200 to 230 BC. It is a historical period in which there was a lot of economic development. Precisely because it aimed to bring peace to the world and even in modern times people still fell a sense of contending in the Olympic Games.

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Middle Ages This period in history after the classical era. This period dates from the Roman Empire period back to the renaissance period. It was a period of cultural wars and persecution and therefore, there was not much progress made in terms of development. However, from this period the world can borrow a lot. Another characteristic of cultural development in this era was the establishment of the slave trade. Although through the years slavery did not leave anything to be admired, it leads to the emancipation of people from all colors and races. Therefore, this period is significant in modern time because it taught all humanity to treat each other equal and to share knowledge with the less fortunate not use them. The Protestant era This was a period of cultural development in the 16th century.

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It was the characterized with the reformation of Protestants to Christian it. The Enlightenment This was a period between mid-1600 to 1780. There was a lot of advancement in reasoning and intellect. Besides, in this period there was a lot off freedom for the artists and society. Therefore, there was allotting of French and American revolutions during this period. This period kick stated the world we know today. Therefore, there were development in religious art and writings. This is very important in modern times as religions are part of the basis of culture in today’s world. Most people feel connected when they listen to good Christian music and even read some Christian texts. Industrial era This was a period between 1750 and 1900 that involved the shift from mass production an industrial economy that used coal, and railways leading to the specialization of labor.

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Owing to this development and a great deal of technological development over the years. For instance, humanities teach empathy; this is a very important feature in a vast progressing land. Subjects like philosophy deal with aspects of an individual such as morality. Another learning factor in the humanities is the arts, poetry, as well as literature, these subjects are meant to focus on the creativity of individuals. All in all the main purpose of adversity to me is to understand adversity and how to adequately deal with it. This is because everyone needs to keep filling up his or her sources of knowledge and wisdom. This includes other cultures such as, the Chinese, and the Japanese who still paint and write literature and in some cases act in theatres. Aesthetic properties still interact with our daily lives in these ways.

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However, although one does not necessarily need these aesthetic activities to live, they are essential in making life more interesting. One can argue that life without music and literature would be very boring (Bartel, 2018). References Bartel, M. Retrieved from http://www. urantiabook. org/newbook/papers/p081. htm.

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