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The wide populace and finesse have attracted expert attention trying to analyze why it was so successful. As an advancement of the discourse, this paper that seeks to assert why among the many orators, Martin King is salient was inspired. It will seek to explain that, “I have a dream…. ” is the prominently featuring speech among many speeches king made in his lifetime for two reasons; infusion of the American Rhetoric and the providing of hope to the oppressed. Martin Luther King’s speech is full of the American rhetoric. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity (King, 1). ” King is trying to remind those who are segregating blacks on color are killing the dream of the forefathers and indeed the stability of the great nation.

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He thus succeeds in winning the attention and the possible action as would follow John F. Kennedy’s Civil Rights in 1968. Again King succeeds because his speech gives hope to the blacks and white people who believe in a country of freedom and equality. Martin Luther King was thus a successful speaker on 28th July 1963 when he delivered the “I have a dream” speech. Delivered at the steps of Lincoln Memorial, King won the following of the then audience and even generations that stretch to date. His ability to infuse the speech with the American rhetoric and fill it with hope to the oppressed blacks is what gives it life. These two fundamentals among many others would make any speech a successful one just like King’s.

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