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According to MacCoun, illicit drugs should be made available as other consumer goods and should be regulated like other over-the-counter drugs like alcohol and tobacco. The latter drugs are restricted prohibited for youths and have extensive restrictions on distributions and use to youths. This essay will emphasize on Sarah case of using illicit drugs and provide the key aspects of education and treatment for illegal drug use and the information related to legalization and discrimination. Harm reduction Despite the existence of various drug regulatory approaches, it’s important to emphasize on the advantages of those approaches. In most developed countries, a policy of harm reduction has been considered to be the central to their strategies while assessing the benefits of various policies and addressing illicit drug use.

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The premise suggests that the aim of social policies is to benefit the welfare and health of the society. The impacts of illicit drugs is considered to be primarily harmful to the society and therefore the policies have to be designed to minimize the overall harm to the society resulting from the drug, drug use and the primary and secondary effects of drug use both to the society, third persons and the user. Discrimination of illicit drugs Whether illicit drugs should be legalized or discriminated has remained a debate amongst law enforcement authorities. Following that the criminal justice system is the first resort to Connecticut drug policy, these critiques have significant potential implications. Enforcement of drug laws has created a federal rate of incarceration that impacts disproportionately on the minorities.

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Prohibiting illicit drugs results to their deficiency and thus users access them in black markets at expensive prices. This expose the public to criminal acts as users will steal to afford these illicit drugs. Members close to the drug users are also prone to the infectious diseases from the users who shares dirty needles. Proponents of legalization therefore argue that prohibiting illicit drugs causes more harm than if the victims are allowed to use the illicit substances. Prohibition also result to increased social and economic costs. His theory focus on the welfare and happiness of the society rather than the interests of individuals and criminal justice system should use the theory to reduce the crime in the society since it’s the best way of bringing happiness to the society.

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This essay will focus on deterrence by emphasizing on the use of surveillance cameras as a way to deter crime. Criminal acts leads to harm and thus reducing happiness in the society. Surveillance cameras can aid to deter and secure the society from crimes by being a visible deterrent on properties, recording footage as an evidence, secure criminal convictions and is available as a monitoring service. Apart from incidences of violent crimes, a surveillance camera can make a notable impact on the local and national crime rates. Surveillance camera will offer general deterrence by keeping a watch at the general society activities and offer specific deterrence by giving a hard evidence to victims of a crime thus preventing them from repeating the same crime in future.

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