Immigration and Health

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Undocumented migrants are considered to be more vulnerable than US-born people because they have fewer rights than legal immigrants. Living standards, place of work, and journey for illegal immigrants from South and Central America has resulted in significant risks to mental, physical and personal health. Immigrant’s health is affected by irregular access to medical and social services, an anti-immigrant outlook of the public and the migrant status. This study is focused on the impacts of immigrants on the United States healthcare systems. Immigrants, legal or illegal just like any other US citizen, have health problems for example heart disease, diabetes, they suffer food poisoning, break bones and get chronic diseases. Amusingly, health deterioration and increased healthcare needs over a given period amongst migrants might be due to adopting Western foods and sedentary living standards.

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On the other hand, poor access to health care might be linked to immigrants of poor socioeconomic background as well as deprived English proficiency (Messias, McEwen, and Clark, 2015). These are some of the reasons why immigrants require more private and public healthcare services. In a wider perspective, state and county healthcare officers have concentrated on how to provide health care services to illegal immigrants. To recognize how the migrants use and impact the public health system, it is essential to consider and examine each group of migrants from the view of their healthcare requirement and accessibility of medical cover. It is important for the health care system to keep a healthy perception and surge capacity to make sure that quality healthcare is available to all people.

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