Immigration fact fiction and race

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The researcher will chronicle the evolution of the issue, the most prevalent questions today, and what possible solutions one can apply in the present framework. Immigration is a layered and nuanced topic which needs a proper factual foundation. The present administration governing the United States has used strict immigration law enforcement and the sowing of fear to cast aspersions on immigrants from Central America. The marginalization and public demonization amount to discrimination which makes it legally and practically harder for refugees from South America to find a haven in the United States. Justification It is estimated that there are more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country while there are millions more documented ones (Alvares & Urbina, 2018). Finally, the nation was founded on ideals one of which was a commitment to freedom and liberty.

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The people coming in are attracted by the beacon of hope that is the US and the country should find a compassionate way of dealing with them. Nature of the Issue Illegal immigration comes in various forms. The first is the straightforward breaking of the law at the border. In this case, the immigrant does not bother to register or otherwise procure legal entry into the country. Relationship with Racism Many might argue about the merits of having a harsh immigration policy but there is no doubt that the present debate is racist in nature. First of all, the purported ban on Islam immigrants was clearly aimed at specific nations in the Middle East. None of the nations whose citizens have actually carried out attacks in the US were affected (Morgan, 2016).

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There was also no consideration of Muslims in Asia, Europe, or South America. It was a deliberate move against soft targets in the Arab world. If the policy was truly color blind, the country would have seen the operation being conducted on all of the nation’s approaches. Racism is also evidence from the effort the administration is putting into painting Central and South American immigrants as scourges. According to federal authorities, the Russian mafia and Ukrainian organized crime rings are still active in the country. The Paul Manafort case also shows that Russians have conducted illegal business in the country. However, the administration has never commented on these instances. The target of the rhetoric proves that the issue is racist. These individuals have been convinced that “brown people” from south of the border are marching across and raping and killing their women and children.

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Forms of Oppression The first thing to point out is that the agenda’s main prosecutor is a privileged New Yorker who has never known a life of lack. He is a man born into millions, who uses a gold-plated toilet and who has used his status to avoid serving the nation (Rabin-Havt, 2018). On the receiving end are poor people from Central and South American seeking freedom. It is especially the case in agriculture. These immigrants come in and add value to the economy. They perform the delicate tasks at a wage which keeps food affordable for the entire country (Rabin-Havt, 2018). These individuals break their backs at a pittance and in return they get ridiculed. Most of them follow the law but the whole communicated is castigated as being composed of murderers and rapists (Fukuyama, 2018).

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In the last two years, border and immigration agencies have seen growth in their individual and collective budgets (Fukuyama, 2018). There is no doubt that the agencies need the resources but the reality is that they have gained something from the debacle. The immigrants are the obvious disadvantaged group in the equation. As any reasonable person can see, most of these immigrants come to the border because they are desperate. In the group are people from El Salvador where the gang violence is akin to a civil war. Cutting off that pipeline will mean losing the diversity that makes American sparkle. Counter-arguments It is possible to argue that every nation has the right to review its policies from time to time with an eye on reality and change. The US might have needed open borders in the past but things have changed and the need no longer exists.

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The present reality calls for some restriction in migration. If this is the case, it is critical to establish a set of objective facts. However, when the regulations came out there was no mention of the nations whose citizens actually participated in the said attack. Additionally, the administration has misled the nation numerous times when speaking about the status of the southern border in a clear endeavor to amplify the policy’s racist tint. The prejudice on the part of the administration is only lightly disguised. That said, there is no doubt that immigration reform is necessary. Everyone can see that the system is broken and needs fixing.  (2018) Immigration and the law: Race, citizenship, and social control. University of Arizona Press. Brown, J. A. Running on fear: Immigration, race and crime framings in contemporary GOP presidential debate discourse.

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