Immigration in Canada

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It is vital understanding that there are several factors that lead to the state of affairs of Canada accepting a big number of people from outside their nation to come live their permanently. The economic sphere, labor force, low birth rates, an aging workforce, and the need for creativity are amongst many factors that have made Canada acquire the immigration statistics associated with it. Analyzing how the above-named factors affect immigration can help understand the situation as it is in Canada. Contributory Factors of the State of Affairs of Immigration in Canada Economy Immigration in Canada is on a high because of several factors including the economy of this country. The Canadian economic sphere is composed of some natural resources that enable it to create a lot of opportunities in matters pertaining to businesses.

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Consequently, immigration becomes the remaining option for such people and once they meet the least requirements that the Canadian government may ask of them, then they decide to become citizens permanently. Hence, the nature of the economy4 that is witnessed in Canada has largely contributed to the high flow of immigrants into this country. Idea Factory The term idea factory refers to a population rich in ideas, and this can be linked o immigration in Canada in the sense that this country has been lenient to immigrants because it looks to have a variety of people who can add to the ideas already available. The native Canadians are not too many. If the immigrants were to be counted out of Canada’s population the number of people in this country would reduce with a significant percentage.

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Similarly, Canada needs people to work in factories. Because of the relatively small population of the Native Canadians available, it has become necessary in the past few decades to allow immigrants to acquire citizenship. Statistics indicate that Canada absorbs a large number of immigrants most of whom are highly educated and skilled. This passes across one strong message, that they need people with expertise to come and join the other people already available in the labor market7 and carry out the tasks that will see the country move forward. The need for labor enforcement is so high in Canada because of the presence of industrious activities. Aging Workforce The workforce that is composed of the Native citizens has a bigger percentage of aging men and women9.

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This means that in the near future if immigration were to be stopped then there would a serious problem in Canada considering the idea that the Canadian-born people are not too many. Essentially, Canada lacking labor force is one and the composition of the available aging away is another issue altogether. This has led to the government to loosen the qualifications of immigrating to Canada since the country requires young people to work in firms and factories. The reason behind the aging persons being dominant in the job market amongst the Native Canadians is that their population is relatively small and the other people who are not working are either still students in school or they have just gotten into the job market.

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3 births in 1000 people take place and this shows how slow their numbers grow11. With such a small rate of new-born babies, the population can never grow to the expected limits of providing sustainable labor. The decisions of people to have small families have left the majority of onlookers to find potential opportunities to come and start a new life in Canada. Earlier in this paper, it has been discussed that part of the reason some of the immigrants find homage in Canada is because in their own countries there are a lot of people and, therefore, opportunities regarding jobs, medical care, and many other aspects are very few compared to Canada. In recent years, the population of Canada has been growing and this can be attributed to the increase in the number of immigrants that are taken in annually.

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