Impact of Lower Extremity Strengthening Exercises on Body Function of Older Adults Proposal

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Individuals affected by this problem are believed to have experienced some sort of injuries at their middle age such as dislocation in the joints, fractures and many others (Rathleff et al. These injuries often become a problem to the individual during his or her elder age since it is obvious the muscles weakness as the years passes. However the strengthening exercises of the lower extremity is very important to the older adults as it is believed to have diverse impact to their muscles (Baydogan, Tarakci & Kasapcopur, 2015). The lower extremity strengthening training is highly recommended for the older adults in order to increase the strength of their muscles so that they can be able to boost their body function. There are various ways which the older adults can train so that the can strengthen their lower extremity depending on their personal psychological and functional goals they want to achieve (Feger et al.

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C Delimitations The proposed study will be delimited to the following boundaries: 1 The participants in this study will be older adults who have attained 65 years and above. 2 The study will only focus on the impact of lower extremity strengthening exercises on body function of older adults. D Assumptions The following assumptions will be made for the study: 1 The sample produced the required result for the study as all the chosen older adults had positive results from the lower extremity strengthening exercises. 2 The elderly people will not be harmed during the training program as the exercise will not be so difficult for them. 3 The training program will be of benefit to the elderly people and they will be able to afford it in the matters of cost and time.

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The significance of this study is that, it will demonstrate the impact of lower extremity strengthening exercises on body function of the older adults (Baydogan, Tarakci & Kasapcopur, 2015). This will help older adults to improve their body functionality if they participate in the training. Moreover, the older adults will be able to handle the exercises since they will not be difficult for them. The research shows that strengthening the lower extremity through exercises by the older adults is very effective as the muscles become stronger enabling to be able to live their daily lives as they undertake their day to day activities with a peace of mind. References Baydogan, Tarakci, & Kasapcopur, (2015). (Rathleff, et. al 2015). Adherence to commonly prescribed, home-based strength training exercises for the lower extremity can be objectively monitored using the Bandcizer.

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