Impact of technology on Youths culture

Document Type:Thesis

Subject Area:Sociology

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Many recent types of research have described technology as the main contributor to the development of a youth’s life in the modern society as they are major creators and contributors of technology media contents. The research question what are the roles of technology in youths’ life? Part B: Bibliography Bloustien, G. , Peters, M. , & Luckman, S.  Sonic Synergies: Music, technology and community, identity. The Internet and Youth Culture. Retrieved from http://www. tezu. ernet. in/dmass/CBCT/internet%20and%20youth%20and%20you%20tube. The two main technological perspectives described in the article are technological determinism and social construction of technologies. The method of data collection used in the article is secondary sources where the author used previously discussed facts and description in supporting his arguments and stand — for example, the use of secondary sources such as Growing Up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation by Marc Prensky.

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