Impacts of gender in the society

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Gender ideologies have a significant impact on the society in that it alters with almost every activity of daily living. About gender, as a child grows he or she begins to understand the roles that are viable or acceptable. This societal perspective, by and by, fashions how an individual chooses to direct the rest of their lives. Beginning from career preferences to the right sports as well as activities, determination or limitation of what an individual does is altered by the gender roles. The environment pertain great powers which can pressure individuals shaping and directing them to what the society believes to be correct. In the traditional society, being a female, one was considered to be weak, and in that case, you were offered inferior tasks, i.

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e. , children bearing and house chores. No woman in the past could be given a chance in political issues or allowed to be the head in any post in many communities. Indeed this created a very confined environment for the females to display their abilities in boosting the political, social and economic progress in the society. The societal view that female is subordinate limited me to go for some choices in life against my desire. At the age of 19 years, I felt that I should no longer depend on my parent for petty cash instead I had an idea to start a business. To implement such a plan was so hard since entrepreneurship was viewed as stuff for the male gender.

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In the theoretical perspective of gender, some theories assist in understanding more concerning gender. One of the leading approaches in gender is the symbolic interaction theory. In conclusion, the theory of symbolic interaction shows that building of social reality occurs through regular interactions among individuals. Therefore gender is viewed as an element of individual achievement. Gender contributes a lot in shaping people relationship in everyday life (Macionis, 2010). The theory of feminist is also essential in sociology. Feminist theory is well identified, and the theory is still alive in the society concerning gender. Evaluating beliefs and thoughts that an individual has towards one's body. Gender performances are affected by other social factors such as race, class, and sexuality. The social factor that I have experienced in my gender performance is the race.

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In leadership, female leaders who are assertive are disliked but male leaders who are assertive gain respect. But this is substantially altered by race whereby black women are mostly stereotyped as having masculine characteristics, i. I have come to realize that in many business activities my presence may not be recognized in the society. Females are also vulnerable to rape cases which eventually results in unwanted pregnancies. Other employers may also reject your applications claiming that you are not qualified. The role of females in the society has changed drastically and its currently resulting in positive impacts in our society. Years ago, the contribution made by women in the society was minimal, and it was under control by men. edu/academics/scholars/issue12/boudet.

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