Importance of cultural competence in measles disease outbreaks and response

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Regarding cultural competences on healthcare, it is evidenced that the quality and outcomes of health care have been improved. This implies that the patients' desires and aspirations are catered for regardless of their native language and race (Ameli, 2015). Besides, through face to face interactions of the professionals and the patients, this has boosted the efficiency in the deliverance of essential services to the patients hence results to the quality and outcomes of the healthcare system. Nonetheless, cultural healthcare system can help throw off disparities associated with race as well as ethnicity (Gastañaduy et al. This is because these experts possess the relevant skills that they can use to exert their feelings on articulated patients regardless of their race and ethnic background.

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After that, surveillance of the region should be enhanced, and this means that some additional case studies may be found to help in the analysis of data. Basically, monitoring is essential in that it ensures that the diagnosis of a given disease is made on time. Generally, the core value of surveillance enhancement is to create a broader consciousness of local transmission (Ameli, 2015). And these could be done through alerting various institutions as well as organizations on chances of spread of the articulated epidemic disease. However, epidemiological alerts could be helpful when sent to multiple bodies concerned with issues on health. The purpose of phoning can also help to educate as well as give guidance to the people within the society.

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Phoning allows individuals to determine how medical evaluation should be done in case someone gets affected and this could entail making a call to those in charge in the hospitals so that the already infected patient to be isolated from the rest of the people within a given setting. However, apt case management should be exercised, for instance, proper administration of the articulated vitamin, that is, vitamin A. Furthermore, specimens should be obtained by the specialists in charge from the laboratories for affirmation and detection of a virus (Gastañaduy et al. Ultimately, for the assertion on the existence of traces of measles, a clinical specimen is obtained for detection of the little virus whereby, genotyping is done after complete elimination.

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Succinctly, at the standard point, data of a case may be gathered through the use of investigation forms about measles. Thereafter the gotten data are coded in the available database (Ameli, 2015). Therefore, these help in determination of the breadth of vaccination and responses on activities that were provided quickly (Holzmann et al. Lastly, the experts should carry out analysis about the outbreak and summarize the data adequately, these include data analysis on surveillance availed as well as data on coverage of measles vaccine to provide facts about population exempt gaps that need effective actions on public health. After that, such results should be disseminated to relevant stakeholders in need of the information. Lastly, threat assessment, is concerned about the factors that may induce risks of exposure of virus of measles and it's out sending in a given population.

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