Importance of Database Management Systems to Business Organizations

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Today, virtually all companies and brands run on database systems. A DBMS plays a crucial role in both the creation and management of data. Without a database management system, running and managing data effectively is not possible. A DBMS provides users access to files stored in a database. What is Database Management Systems (DBMS)? A DBMS is software for creating and managing databases. As a result, the business saves on operational costs (Laudon et al. Data Relationships A key function of database management systems is allowing several data sets to relate to each other. This makes a DBMS ideal for managing relationships between data sets in an orderly and easy way. Hence, the top management of an organization can easily understand key statistics relating to business operations.

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Relational database management system can manage the relationship between two tables (Laudon et al. Quick Decision-making Because of better data management and improved access, quality information can be created enabling the user make faster choices. An ideal DBMS should be able to provide analytic tools to the user regarding the data in the system. It helps in offering a framework to aid data quality wits. Hence, there is quality information to help the management make faster, better decisions. The DBMS can also assist in marketing activities in the collection of customer data to facilitate the marketing activities of an organization (Grefen et al. With so much information available for companies, investing in a database management system is of critical importance for brands across all sectors and groups.

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