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President Harry Truman issued the executive order 9981 on July 26, 1948, after scrutiny of how the military conducted its operations. He appointed the President’s Committee on Civil Rights who gained support from the Democratic National Convention. The executive order stated that “it is at this moment that a presidential policy has been affirmed that there shall be fairness in treatment and equal opportunity for everyone in the military incognizant of race, religious affiliation, and ethnicity"(Dalfume, 1969). The Fahy Committee was established to enforce the executive order. The efforts of the Flays committee of pushing the integration in the military structures agenda was however met with habitual opposition by staff officers from various divisions within the military anonymously and sometimes through alliances. Between 1861 and 1865, the union and the Confederate forces utilized female nurses and aid house.

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At the beginning of the civil war, there was no structure of female nurses in the US. The nursing profession was monopolized by men – women were perceived as too weak to handle the hardship and difficulties of tending to the ill. It estimated that about 150 hospitals existed in the whole state, and there were no legal nursing institutions. Large populations of the ill and wounded servicemen in need of medical care aggravated the absence of medical profession. It is estimated that in total between 5,000 and 10,000 women provided their services during the civil war. During World War II the Government used African-American pilots, Tuskegee airmen. African- American troopers in World War II played a major role in smoothening the way for the integration of the United States Military.

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Over half a million were dispatched to Europe. Despite their large numbers, they encountered racial prejudice: before the war, the military was racially divided. According to (Tozzi and Greenfield, 2017), “a research in 2014, suggested that 15,500 transgender individuals are currently serving in United States military. The Williams Institute and UCLA gender identity researchers suggested that currently 1. 3million active role officials in United States military and about 800,000 serve I reserves” “It is repeatedly shown in researches conducted across various data sources that there are higher rates of transgender individuals who enlist to serve in the serve in the military. Transgendered people share the desire to serve in the military just like everyone else” (Herman. Military Integration Was Used in Testing the Patriotism and Nationalism of The American People i.

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According to (Montgomery. 2009), “Women were allowed to learn new skills resulting to a gradual change in their roles. During the war, I women labor force increased to about 3 million with the majority of them working in the military. The nursing profession that was previously dominated by men was opened to women. ” After the war, an Act of 1919 banned excluding women from opportunities because of their gender. This month the military declared 33,000 job openings in medic, geospatial engineers, Black Hawk pilots and paralegal experts to women in 132 military careers. This announcement encourages career women in which they have experience into work the actual combat troops under the military. The army is yet to open jobs for qualified women in the military and create standards for the closed occupations.

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The marine also plans to come up with standards that would allow the creation of MOSs. Integrating women into combat roles in the current military sustains the nation both militarily and in terms of combat. However, the necessity of nurses and medical aid gave women a chance to prove they were just as capable of handling the war. This later led to the incorporation of many women in the military to help with the war. All the Puerto Rican regiment 65th serving in world war II and the Korean War; the 65th Regiment which consisted of Puerto Ricans was initiated in 1899 and played a role in World War I and World War II. It was in the Korean that they played a major role and led to great combat with over 61,000 Puerto Rican volunteers offering to serve in the United States Army.

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