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To highlight just but a number of services that have been facilitated as a result of IoT things include ticketing systems, traffic congestion among others. IoT has been seen moving the transport industry to another level in the recent past. Proposed Internet of Things The proposed IoT system in the transport industry is the Intelligent Transportation System. Transport is among the industries in the world that are comprised of great capacities across many other industries. Therefore there is a need for the industry to advance with high rate technology advancements. An integration of IoT remains the only solution that has been seen to work properly. For instance, in Seattle, the transportation managers decided to integrate an IoT after a long struggle with their hectic congestion (Botta et al, 2016).

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They chose an IoT platform which used to integrate the entire data that was streaming in from packing facilities, freeways, local streets as well as the dynamic signage systems with many other data sources which include sports events, data about concerts, data about weather and data about road conditions. Therefore people were at positions of knowing what is exactly going on the city and decision making for better options was enhanced. These platforms impacts were positive as they provided the managers with the necessary information that they need to and a comprehensive real-time view of the congestion. There was a 30%increased rate of order processing (Chandrakanth et al, 2016). ii. Warehousing and yard management has also been improved. Warehouses remain the backbone of logistics businesses and efficiency in warehousing directly impacts the business positively.

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IoT mobile devices are playing a very vital role in order and inventory tracking. It is a concept in which the location of a particular asset is remotely identified by the use of coordinates of a particular area. IoT in the transport market is greatly benefiting as it allows one receive notification in cases where the drivers have deviated from the normal routes or have gone against their expectations. Geo fencing has also eliminated the paperwork as it paved in with a cloud-based monitoring system of operations which proved real-time data of any device like a truck that one needs to know at that point in time. IoT through geo-fencing has greatly improved accountability and transparency (Gilbert & Doran, 2018). Enhanced accountability and transparency of any market center have a got an advantage towards the production since the backtracking of any activity can be done and errors corrected so easily.

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Smart toll collection makes the government generate an accurate billing record which that can be advantageous in terms of reducing congestion. iv. Railways According to (Gilbert & Doran, 2018), collision avoidance systems and control systems have been implemented which enables automatic breaking in railways. Sensors have been installed also to monitor the speed at which the train is moving. Systems for automatic rescheduling have been put in place as well alongside sensors which monitor operators and customers behavior in the trains, All this is due to the application of IoT and therefore the safety is ensured, productivity as fuel consumption is taken care of by speed monitoring and regulation. Longitude and the latitude of the targeted asset can be known as well and therefore transparency and accountability of the operations are enhanced.

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Pros of Intelligent Transportation System in transport market i. Enhanced communication I Intelligent Transportation System makes a machine to machine communication possible. By so doing, therefore, the devices remain connected which in turn ensures total transparency and minimal inefficiencies from their operations as well as higher quality of services ii. Enhances automation and control Intelligent Transportation System majorly employs a lot of automation and control because a number of physical objects get connected and are controlled centrally and digitally from a wireless infrastructure. this can be a challenge when the product will be moving out from one state to another. Variances upon the mode of operation may arise and the goals will note achieved. ii. Security Intelligent Transportation System relies on the transmission of data constantly.

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