Japan in second world war

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Japan had planned to avoid China becoming a great power in Asian and they were motivated. This motivation led her joining Hitter in his invasion of taking control of Europe because they wanted more resources due to their little islands. so their mission to join Hitler was to take what they wanted. With China control little part of the Pacific, Japan had to join China's enemies, the German side. Therefore, Japan join the second world war on Germany side with aim of expanding her territory and become the biggest power in Asia (Tsurumi, 2015, p. Her aggression of invading neighboring countries, starts leaving a bitter taste at the mouths of several countries, particularly China and Korea. Though many countries in western world were not ready for second world war, Japan aggression was seeming to be provoking it.

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furthermore, while second world war was approaching, the hailing china was get to her feet. With Japan interest in taking control Manchuria’s leased territory and railroads, she feels as threaten. Losing to them this territory was unacceptance to them because for the last 50 years, they have been desperately avoiding China (Arquilla, 2017, p. After the US reaction to the Japan occupation of Indochina, Japan launches an attack to pearl harbor, US military strategic based. Japan aim was to establish new control of East Asia, which will place her in the center of Korea, China and Northern China economic as well as achieve her goal of acquiring more territories in the region. It saw it as the biggest opportunity because Southeast countries were rich in raw materials.

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In 1941, Japan attacked, Pearl harbors the United States, which they have been planning for the last one year (Gustafsson, 2015, p 23). The act unified America opinion to join world war two and their determination to see that Japan and her allies were defeated. The Pacific war comes to end and this marked the end of second world war. Conclusion Japan play a role in provoking the second world war after Germany because of its imperialism of increasing nation’s territory. Their slogan, which were coined by their emperor, “Asia for Asia” drive them to invade many territories colonized by western countries such as Indo-China. Furthermore, their land which were not blessed with more natural resources like other southeast pacific western colonies (Gustafsson, 2015, p 24).

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Japan bearing in mind western countries support of southeast pacific countries, for instance when US free her assets in Indo-china, Japan had to join Germany who were focused on control Europe and Hitler’s success could have been Japan gain, because she could have easily acquired many territories in Asia without Western interferences. google. co. ke/books?hl=en&lr=&id=yAG_DAAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PR9&dq=imperial+japan+in+second++world+war&ots=4JL_X-qQfi&sig=tdCWIanb5SjHVWVlli8mrDBDiV0&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=imperial%20japan%20in%20second%20%20world%20war&f=false Tsurumi, K.  Social change and the individual: Japan before and after defeat in World War II. Princeton University Press.  World War II: A short history. Routledge.

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