Justification of God and what happens in Nature

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Subject Area:Anthropology

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Of all, the theists seem to overwhelm and dominate over the others. Among the theists, there emerge two other schools: the traditional and the non-traditions. Traditional believe that God is all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient), everywhere (omnipresent) and the creator of the universe who is separate from that which he created (once transcendent). Then the Non-traditionalists: has the notion that there are many gods (Polytheism), God is like a man in appearance (anthropomorphism) and that he and nature is one thing (pantheism). Then the debate goes on. Also, there have been cases of malformed babies born hence there was no a thing like a god. This was called teleologists. Finally, Pascal Wager argued that it would be of no good arguing if god existed or not, the best thing was to believe that God existed.

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