Language and religion as a challenge to foreign student

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The first challenge he faced here in our country was the different diets sold in many of our hotels which doesn’t incorporate the indigenous and insinuated diet of the Chinese people. However, we do have few Chinese hotels which are scattered in the whole of state and thus can’t serve all needs of Chinese immigrants in the United States. For my stay in this school I have known Xong Long to be a reasonable, understandable and socializing professor and thus decided to conduct my interview on him. We have many aspects of culture which do stipulate in understanding anthropological ways of a certain community. In my view, language and region are the basics which contribute a lot to the anthropologists and decided to carry my interviews based on religion and language of the Chinese people.

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Mostly Asians are not easy to get jobs in America when compared with others. In America, people don't keep the spirit of sharing food in America and the Chinese in America like to keep practicing this behavior as it is part of their culture. A Chinese student who ventures to be in America get language barrier in getting through with their professors and this makes them be challenged in asking questions and booking appointments to see the specific professors assigned to them. In China, students can meet their professors anytime and nearly all places of the university compound you can address your problem to him or her. For those who move to America they option to live in places where they will get fewer challenges and look for places where the large of people do appreciate the Chinese culture at a certain percentage.

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The major groups among this is Han Chinese which represents the large population. Individuals within this group try to come up with their own cultures and we can China is comprised of minor cultures which are under the main chain culture of China (Kipnis, 2001). The variation in these subgroups in terms religion are minor and thus can be ignored and treated as one thing. The main community which rules Chinese people is officially atheist and it is ruling its value and getting to be nominated by religion. In recent China have five official religions which its members do believe on like Taoism which our interviewee is part and linked with it while in the United States. The official language of China was Putonghua which is mandarin spoken in the Beijing.

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