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Mainly, a good vision statement motivates employees to put more efforts towards achieving the organization’s goals. If an organization changes their vision statement to favor their employees, the employees get motivated to have high levels of productivity. A clear vision statement reduces the employees the burden of struggling to understand the firm’s goals and objectives. Additionally, a clear vision statement enables leaders of an entity to highlight the organization’s strengths and competitiveness to attract investors. In the process, when the vision statement is clear, employees help in ensuring that the company’s stakeholders get the best returns from their investments. In other words, a clear vision statement guides employees’ mindset to identify and fix possible problems that may be facing the firm (Gulati, Mikhail, Morgan & Sittig, 2016). Thus, it is crucial for an organization to develop a clear vision statement that motivates employees as well as the shareholders. Like the vision statement, an organization needs to have a well-defined mission statement which describes the firm’s purpose as well as their values. An organization may initiate other changes, but this may take time to effect the changes. For a healthcare organization to work towards achieving their mission statement, they need to involve their employees because they are the ones who interact with clients day after day. In case of a healthcare organization advocates for changes in the system, they need to engage and motivate the employees such that they participate in improving the firm and facilitate the prosperity and success of the organization (Gulati, Mikhail, Morgan & Sittig, 2016).

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Thus, there is a need to have a purposed vision as well as mission statements. The significance of organizational leadership for a healthcare organization Mainly, corporate vision statement allows the company to communicate the company’s elements and which are to serve as a guideline for the company to attain their objectives. To meet and to satisfy the customer’s needs, an organization needs to develop a vision statement which motivates the company to work towards achieving the set goals, profits, goals, and aiming at the continuous improvement of the organization. For the organization to complete the set objectives, proper leadership and management of resources should be the central focus of the administration (Gulati, Mikhail, Morgan & Sittig, 2016). Thus, adequate management of the firm’s personnel and resources allows the organization to meet the firm’s objectives within a specified timeline, and this ensures that the customer’s needs get satisfied.

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In a healthcare setting, a vision statement allows the establishment the ability and viability of the hospital to articulate the facility’s plans in the present strategies. A vision statement offers the facility’s leaders an opportunity to plan and evaluate a facility’s viability both at present and into the future (Gulati, Mikhail, Morgan & Sittig, 2016). In other words, a vision statement allows the organization the chance to see whether the strategies an organization takes are viable or they should re-strategize the hospital's plans such that they can work towards the right direction. Without the core elements stated in the vision statement, it may become hard for the healthcare to develop and grow in the direction that is set in the objectives. More than that, leaders fail to use the vision statement to push a healthcare organization from attaining their goals when they fail to identify and solve a problem that arises within the healthcare facility.

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Mostly, leaders assume that a problem will resolve itself and fail to address the cause of the problem during its early stages and this tendency escalates the issue to higher levels where the firm finds it hard to control. In this case, the leader fails to use the firm’s vision statement to identify and solve a problem that may prevent the healthcare facility to achieve the set objectives. Another cause of failure is inappropriate training that is required by the facility to complete the set goals. Mainly, the vision statement specifies how the establishment should teach their personnel to meet the necessary standards of delivering quality services to the clients; but, in cases where the management doesn’t have or offer adequate training to the juniors, then the whole organization will fail in meeting their objectives (Grossman & Valiga, 2016).

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Additionally, the center offers advanced life support services in Hudson County with more than 911 medical call screening services. This facility offers more than eighteen thousand admissions and over eighty thousand emergency room visits annually (https://www. rwjbh. org/jersey-city-medical-center/about/our-history/). Jersey City Medical Center’s weaknesses Although they have indicated that they want to create an environment that ensures patients’ safety, Jersey City Medical Hospital has not lived into their vision and mission because the facility does not provide the services they have promised their clients. Morgan, R. O. Sittig, D. F. Vision statement quality and organizational performance in US Hospitals.

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