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I am a 37-year-old single mother of two, a 12-year daughter and a 6-year-old son. I have a diploma in Medical Administration from the Pima Medical Institute in New Mexico and a BA in healthcare management. I value education greatly because it has instilled skills in me and knew that has steered me towards the healthcare career that I am practicing today (Mills, 2013). It has given me the power to turn around my life and the hope to raise my two beautiful children without fear of being a single mother because I can provide for their needs. Although my life has not always been easy, I am slowly beating the odds and every day my children and my patients give me the drive to keep pushing forward.

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My grandfather would later turn to be my favorite personal tutor because he was so kind and calm while training us. However, I can’t say the same for my elder sister; she did not like his tutoring at all because he so often scolded her over her poor performance in school and every time she got, she would sneak away and go to the field to play with her friends (Mills, 2013). We shared a very close bond with my sister and I was her favorite playmate. My mother showered us with immense love, care and guidance as we grew up. She so often worried about providing us with the best care and education when we grew up. My experience in this new school was quite challenging because of the language barriers.

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I had problems with fluency in English and that hindered my levels of communication with teachers and other pupils (Mills, 2013). However, socializing was not a problem because there were many Hispanic children in the school who were very happy and helpful to me as I tried to assimilate into this new environment. My mother worked several jobs a day to make sure that she raised enough money to support our stay and to send home. She constantly encouraged me to keep on working hard. With a baby to take care for, I had to further delay my going to college. It is during the delivery of my first child that I developed a passion for healthcare. the healthcare practitioners of the facility that I delivered in were so compassionate and caring and I drew so much inspiration from them.

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There care adhered to the functionalist perspective on health and medicine (Crossman). After the delivery of my daughter, there was a lot of friction between me and my mother and when she was four months old I decided to return to New Mexico. But instead of giving up, I drew strength from these insults every day and because of my determination, after my internship, I was retained by the facility working at the administration department. Because of my dedication and hard work I was promoted to the position of a team leader. Being a team leader in such a large facility was not an easy task but since the facility offered study leave programs I decided to go back to schools and pursue a Bachelor in Health Administration specializing in healthcare management.

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