Living a Meaningful Life

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However, people have the different perception of how they what to live. Therefore, the concept of living a meaningful life is comprehended that is described as the approach through which human being understand their lives in a meaningful perspective. Henceforth, apprehended by the purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction through which people create on the verge of living the life they want. Therefore, living a happy life, developing the link with other people, ability to express oneself and the having courage in life is one of the fundamental aspects correlated to living a meaningful life (Peter 2015). However, the aforesaid aspects are core linked by attribute of ethics practiced in our daily lives. It is evident that have always had the notion that you get equivalent of what you give in trust.

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Many people have to be trusted first for them to earn the trust and trust back. Therefore, for a better and safer meaning of life people should be trustworthy. This threshold is self-obtained hence people will want to be associated with a self-trusted person. Henceforth, this leads to the increased coordination with people. Additionally, integrity also protects from being corrupted by mean, cruel among other poor personalities that get across our paths in the daily activities (Peter 2015). Lack of personal integrity may deter people from living the meaningful life they want due to the lack of respect for others, hence people disrespecting back or rather not interacting with them totally. Therefore, it dictates the attribute to do good even when people are not perceiving the same in return.

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Integrity also increases the respect between people and others, therefore relevantly increasing the personal perception and solution of major issues that surround us. This builds a sense of high integrity due to the fact that people can swallow the pride of helping or doing good to other even if they act negatively in return. Individualism emphasizes on the need for an individual to be the in charge of his own life. In most cases, community or the environment tend to influence person's life. For instance, in learning institutions such as universities and colleges, immoral habits such as adultery, cheating in exams and taking alcohol among others are extensively experienced. Students end up bullying an individual who never engages in such practices since it is a culture.

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As a result, many end up being influenced since they are afraid of what fellow students will say about them. This is because people find peace and comfort in what they like. For instance, a passionate social worker is likely to be productive and deliver quality services as compared to a social worker who was forced to pursue the career. The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental aspect which results from passion and corresponds to productivity. Similarly, unlike in the past where parents could choose wives and husbands for their sons and daughters and in most cases divorce could occur, in the modern society, these choices are personal affairs driven by compassion and love. Therefore, is significantly important to be moved by passion rather especially when making choices (Roy 2017).

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It is eminent that people have control of how they want to live to satisfy and fulfill their purpose. Therefore, the preference of living a meaningful life is linked with the ethics of a person. The way people control themselves and the people around them based on, for instance, their trustworthiness, their integrity and how they react to feeling and emotions involving empathy and moderation. The balance between the individual control and management the language of individualism and perhaps, the connection with oneself with others for effective and good interaction with other people the language of the community of wider self. Additionally, the influence of passion and self-awareness tell out more of who we are. The Meanings of Life. Aeon's Newsletter.

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