Location recognition by image processing

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Nowadays, the photography scene is revealed by its comparison to a database that holds the images containing locations that have been captured beforehand and are at our disposal. Google and Microsoft provide platforms such as Flickr that are heavily endowed with online photo collections (Schroth 84). When an analysis starts with a structure of that type, and not any collection of images, to represent the location recognition, the result is very useful. The application of the point cloud gives a quick summary of the scene. This is summary is achieved through the detection of the set of views of the corresponding images. Using the internet in the image collection process is inevitable. The internet as a tool in this process is reliable for the task at hand.

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The subsequent processing to know the image is easier, thanks to the photo databases that are at our disposal. The comparison of the data available on a database to the photo gives a precise identity of the location. The photography, therefore, boasts about the accuracy with which the location can be recognized. The addressing of this disadvantage has been unclear. Additionally, rapid changes in technology are more negative effects than then positive ones. The implementation in the real-time application changes from time to time. The image processing in terms of the real-time application takes a short time to keep up with the many requirements in photography. The developments are very good but keep rendering the available tools ineffective. From the techniques, one can easily pick out the advantages of their application.

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