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However, a recent visit to Sunlight Hospital in California painted a different picture in the state of healthcare in the country. The visit brought to light the deficiencies that exist in the healthcare management systems in most hospitals in the country. For instance, some patients in the hospital seemed to be in pain yet no one was there to offer them the care they much needed. The hospital’s quality improvement plan also seemed not to be working efficiently and needed a lot of improvements. The situation at Sunlight Hospital is just but a reflection of the state of healthcare offered by most hospitals in the country. The structures established in a hospital are a key indicator of the quality of healthcare that the hospital is likely to offer to its patients.

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Hospital structures include the facilities and equipment available in the hospital, the hospital’s staff, and the policies set by the hospital management in relation to the delivery of proper healthcare (Strome & Liefer, 2013). For better service delivery, a hospital should acquire all the relevant machines and equipment. Furthermore, the hospital management should also consider bringing in qualified staff who are able to work with the facilities efficiently. The management should also put in place policies aimed at improving and maintaining high standards of healthcare service delivery in the hospital. The patients’ experience in the hospital is largely dependent on the quality of services they get from the hospital and the outcome of these services. If the reports by the majority of the patient indicate that they had a good experience in the hospital, then it means that the hospital offers high-quality healthcare (Amin, 2015).

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On the other hand, if most patients feel that their experience in the hospital was not pleasant, then it means that the quality of healthcare in the hospital is low. Patients’ experience is very important to the success of a hospital. If patients feel happy with the hospital, chances are that they will recommend other patients to the same hospital (Amin, 2015). The management of Sunlight hospital should ensure that the goals set will help eliminate the weaknesses identified in the data collection stage. Further, the goals should aim at improving the patients’ experience in the hospital and increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the services provided by the hospital. Failure to set reasonable objectives will see the hospital invest its resources on irrelevant issues that will do little for the improvement of the quality of healthcare in the hospital.

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Having acquired all the necessary information and set reasonable goals, the management of the hospital should then come up with an executable plan. The plan should include the specific measures and the procedures that will help implement the measures effectively (Young An, 2013). Conclusion In conclusion, it is evident from the visit to Sunlight hospital that a lot of improvement needs to be done in the quality of healthcare. Bearing in mind that quality healthcare gives a hospital a competitive advantage, the management of hospitals should strive to see that the current situation of healthcare is improved. The improvement of healthcare will only take place if the management of hospital will be committed in creating an implementable improvement plan and bring in the relevant personnel to implement the plan.

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