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According to Papanicolas, Woskie, and Jha (2018), research has shown that compared to other high-income countries, the United States has a higher budget for the healthcare sector. In 2016 for instance, the United States government, “spend 17. 8% of its gross domestic product on health care” (Papanicolas et al. The foundation of a strong and a healthy nation is determined by the quality of the healthcare sector. States. High level of patient harm may result in a drastic fall of the number of patients admitted in the hospital. Moreover, doctors and nurses must ensure patient’s data is well preserved and it should not be shared with third parties without the consent of the patient. Sharing of a patient’s medical information with third parties without the patient’s consent in violation of their rights and the legal actions may be taken against such malpractice which may put the hospital in the bad light.

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Sunlight hospital must ensure there are strict measures put in place and any violation of the patient’s rights must be subjected to punishment. Technology Adoption and adaption of technology in the modern world is not an option but a necessity. Death in hospitals may be caused by a number of factors, one being poor attendance on patients by the hospital staff. Patients ought to be closely monitored by the hospital staff for signs of improvement or weaknesses. Patient negligence may one of the contributing factors to high mortality rates among the patients. Another contributing factor may be unqualified hospital staff. Sunlight hospital must ensure all the staff members are qualified and the hospital must also subject staff members to regular training that may help in improving their performance.

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Sunlight hospital must ensure the cost of medication is favorably affordable to all the patients. Moreover, the cost of medication must as well match services offered. Designing A Successful Quality Improvement Plan Adoption of Patient-centered Care Goodacre et al. (2013) state that a patient-centered care is an indication of a quality health care. Patient-centered care refers to a health care system where the patient’s interests are prioritized. Staff Training Training is very important for every organization. A trained staff is more likely to handle problems with less difficult compared to untrained staff. The primary goal training the hospital staff, in this case, would be to help them improve their performance as well as dealing with various emerging issues in the healthcare sector.

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Unquestionably, a trained staff is a key driving factor to the success of the business. Sunlight hospital must subject all the staff to regular trainings that would benefit the hospital in the long-run. Poor quality care is signified by high mortality rate, patients developing complications after discharge as well as poor handling and negligence of patients. Surely, no one would seek medical care from health institutions with bad reputation. Sunlight hospital should therefore seek new strategies structured towards a better-quality health care program. One benefit of quality care is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is a determining factor for success or failure. S. , & Rokade, V. Importance of Quality in Health Care Sector: A Review.  Journal of Health Management, 18(1), 84-94. Hashjin, A. S.

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