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Silicon bags are eco-friendly bags and reusable finding their inspiration from green marketing. Silicon Ziploc bags have been adopted in the modern era of food packaging which according to the American Marketing Association. Thus, our firm Green Revolution, an international company based in china is concerned with manufacturing marketing, distribution and pricing of ecofriendly and reusable Ziploc bags. The firms’ decision is meant to influence environmental quality and show concern to the society through production and marketing of products which are safe for environment. The firm’s goal of generation of reusable Ziploc bags aims at ensuring minimal harmful effects to the environment and creation of products beneficial to the environment (Wong et al. For example major retailers like Walmart and online distributors like Amazon continue to dominate the market which grows in size each day.

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Growth There has been substantial growth in the use of recyclable packaging materials and especially the eco-friendly, reusable Ziploc bags made of silicone. The purpose of silicone bags has grown in the recent past following its approval by the FDA as a food safe substance because it does not release hazardous compounds contaminating food (Sharma, 2017). The growth in the use of silicon bags continues to increase as major businesses and retailers have issued statements of commitment in their application with the goal of increasing sustainable practices and options in food packaging and storage in the future. Trends and Growth Rate The current market situation indicates the adoption of silicon bags by many retailers. Silicone products also face competition or long lasting products such as glass and metal containers and over varieties of eco bags.

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Major companies involved with the production of silicon items include Modern-Twist. The firm is based in San Francisco. It was founded by Kat Nourish and offers silicone products for children and adults. Others such as the Sili Company and Sili kids are famous for products suitable for children with 100% natural material like rubber making them eco-friendly and non-toxic. The firm hope to attain approximately 60% of the current market target from the high end consumers to individual consumers. With production activities based in china where silicone is abundant in natural resources enhances the availability of raw materials. The products are useful in food and liquid with a favorable manufacturing energy that utilizes less energy and materials. Silicon Ziploc bags are resistant to destruction and ruin from subjection to high temperatures.

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By meeting consumes needs with their characteristics and abilities to not roughen, crash, peel, smash, get parched out, decay or become fragile over time. The firm has devised simplified strategy in transportation and movement by creating various distribution channel directed to grocery stores, chains and home consumers. The products are exported to Canada to organized locations including depots and warehouses who link with distributors, retailers and huge individual consumers (Delmas & Cogan, 2018). Silicone bags come in various sizes, shapes, and colors imprinted with different icons. Delivery is arranged depending on the demands and orders of multiple stores. Pricing strategy Green revolution has availed Stashers made of silicone and features them on their websites and those of the distributor’s with pictures of the bags being utilized in several ways.

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Promotional strategy Green revolution will promote silicone bags through social media in their websites and other online distributors and companies channels such as amazon. Promotion in retail stores through discounts, fair prices and attractive colors, shapes, and designs will also be used to promote the products. Cost-effectiveness and promotional mix Silicon bags have obtained a superior and unique position compared to competitors. The silicon bags have are cheap and ecofriendly in comparison to other poplar choices. Their cost effectiveness in production and manufacturing is derived in the cost of material and shapes. , & Colgan, D. The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet. Stanford University Press. Denis, A. , & George, A. Patent and Trademark Office. Sharma, N. Innovation in Green Practices: A Tool for Environment Sustainability and Competitive Advantage.

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