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This nursing home cares for people of all walks of life and they carry out their services with finesse and grace that is profound in any nursing home in the region. Carmelite Sisters for Aged and Infirm is a religious group that was started by Mary Angeline Teresa who devoted herself serving and caring for the aged. The care services administered in this nursing home is a choice for many people because of its diversity. They have offered unparalleled long-term services or thorough short-term therapy for the past six decades (Christiaens et al, 2010). Facilities The outstanding facilities that are offered in this nursing care home include; residential expert care provided for patients who require the twenty-four-hour care as in traditional nursing care setting (McWay, 2014).

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These facilities give a safe atmosphere for the patients to carry on with their daily living activities in order for them to get back to their independent lives(Aldwin& Gilmer, 2013). The nursing home also provides an on-site medical care facility that offers a wide range of services that supports their patients in various ways such as physical and occupational therapies. short term hospital rehabilitation, primary and specialized medical care that includes dental, podiatric and eye care. There are personalized care plans offered round the clock too (Christiaens et al, 2010). The residents who are covered by Medicare are provided with additional care and valuable assistances. There are various advisors that range from priests, ministers, rabbis, and other clergy members as required by the residents.

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Catholic masses and other religious services are held frequently to meet the spiritual needs of all the guests. All holy days and services are observed including Jewish sabbath and celebrations and festivals complete special meals and rituals. The hospice in the nursing home devoted to giving an all-inclusive palliative and end of life care to its patients. They offer advanced cancer treatment and care. There are necessary counsellors to discuss the insurance coverage and Medicaid qualifications required by any residents who intend to enroll for the services provided in the nursing care. There are spiritual counsellors responsible in counseling and consoling the residents and patients who need emotional nourishment and encouragement from time to time (Christiaens et al, 2010). The apartments provided for the residents are comfortable and conducive enough for living a normal life similar to a home setting, they have bathrooms and living areas and laundry areas for the occupants to use at their convenience.

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The counselling services offered are not limited to the residents but also to the family members of the residents living in the facility or receiving care in the facility. There are various services offered by the nursing home that range from assisted living, adult day care services, residential care home, independent living, home care and senior apartments and Alzheimer Memory Care. Some non-religious individuals may find it uncomfortable to be imposed of beliefs by members or residents that they are not interested in (Christiaens et al, 2010). Conclusion Lastly, the facility boasts a conducive twenty-four-hour care unit that is incomparable to many traditional nursing homes in the region. However, Mary Manning Walsh Nurse Home can improve on getting more public spaces in order to give the residents more socializing space.

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