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Here Cady Stanton joins the public high school and in her first day, she comes in contact with two outcast students who decide to make friends with her. She later joins a popular group known as "The Plastics" a group hated and most admired by students. In this film, Cady is seen trying to revenge with the aid of her friend Janis after Regina interferes with Cady getting together with Aaron Samuels. This act is perceived as an attempt by Cady to get justice due to cruel acts of Regina, however, she is engaging in bullying tricks that Regina has been using to control students population (Kaveney 2006). As a result, a power struggle emerges in the rest of the movie between Cady and Regina which leads to brutal behaviors.

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Cady fakes friendship with the plastics as they continue to accept her in the group, from here she begins to implement her plan. Cady begins by the way of Regina gaining weight and ruining her relationship with her boyfriend, Aaron Samuels. By executing this plan against Regina, Cady becomes the bully by adapting the nasty bullying cycle. It is eminent that maturity is a theme captured with no doubt in the film. Maturity being the aspect of implying the acceptance, behavior, and ability to stand firm grounds in ethics and deeds like an adult. Besides, the film "Mean girls" primarily depicts how high school is a hotspot where students can be easily compelled to follow a multitude to strengthen their social life.

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Character Damian and the plastic call social suicide the fact that Cady would want to join Mathletes in the approach to chase her mathematical capabilities (Miller 2013). Surprisingly this makes Cady even more aggressive in the appeal towards her interests. Additionally, towards the end of the film ironically the character Damian specifically in the purple tuxedos portrays more individuality as well as Janis who show more of the spirit of the individual. Additionally through the subject of individuality Cady's life exposes her to exercise self- reliability as the film shows her growth of maturity and perhaps figuring herself if peer pressure will dictate her. Undeniably, social meaning displayed through face to face results from non-verbal behaviors. Non-verbal communication has been used widely in the film Mean Girls either effectively or inappropriately.

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