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The mission of this organization is to express God’s love to people through giving them hope, building the community and changing people’s lives. It aims at giving the people an opportunity to work and live in their community with hope, dignity and safety. The employees of this particular organization are about 2,300 and the vision of the organization for its employees is for them to enjoy a very meaningful work which is able to transform their lives, as well as giving them a chance to grow their unique talents and gifts and expose them for functionality and to enable them live balanced and abundant lives. Within that branch we were 15 members plus the branch manager, the administrator, the cashier, the human resource manager and the business owner.

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However, the administrative offices were located on the first floor while the main hall was on the ground floor. In addition to this, the organization was also occasionally involved in sponsoring some social events such as football games which brought young people together for recreation as well as exercise for their bodies. So the interaction of the organization with the larger environment is tangible and very significant. In fact, that close touch with the rest of the world is what gave some customers confidence and they committed to remain customers of that pharmacy as a result of the relationship that existed between the pharmacy and the rest of the community. How are levels, forms, and spaces of power illustrated in your organization? How do you feel about power as an intern/ employee of the organization? Within this organization, there is a defined hierarchy of leadership.

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It is indeed necessary to have this order due to the large number of clients from the community that are served by the organization and for smooth flow of operations. This theory has it that the organization’s efficiency can be increased through increasing the efficiency of the human resource. What this theory emphasized much was the idea of co-ordination and specialization of activities. Majority of the writers of classical organization theory were emphasizing on the efficiency of the high rank managers and they focused a small extent on the lower ranks. Because of this, the theory has two streams: administrative management and scientific management. The major concern of the scientific management group was the tasks which are carried out at operative levels.

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Some clients would put in the complaints box specific employees that perhaps did not serve them satisfactorily, and so the management would seek to have that employee change their behaviour. The data was also used to assess the level of that need or problem. This was done through carrying out interviews on key individuals in the community, direct observation and going through the existing records. The clients’ data also served to describe the groups that needed priority in the implementation of some programs. The customers’ data was also used in the setting of the organization’s objectives and goals that were to lead the organization towards success in the mentioned area. For instance, in the United States, about 8,000 people have been infected with a disease which results in wiping out their red blood cells by their immune systems every night.

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Majority of these people have arranged for the government of the US or the insurance companies to pay a total of $569,000 annually in order for those people to take Soliris from Winona Pharmacy which is in link with MSSWA in order to stay alive (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2015). This is indeed a great model. It will result to elevated profits and revenues will be increased a significant proportion. What gives it an upper hand is the fact that since this is a chronic condition, the customers will always be enrolling to this organization for the medication and so they are assured of a ready group that is able to sustain the operation of the organization. This was so because the actions of the employees were the reflection of the organization’s culture, and so we had to be very careful lest we damage the reputation of the organization.

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