Moral Acceptance of Ozymandias

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Secondly, the two poems were published in magazines to allow for public access. This is a further justification that Ozymandias is a holistic poem which is only meant to describe the fall of traditional leadership and kingdoms. The poem is a great insight to the behavioral attributes of leaders who might be exploiting their subjects while thinking that their tenure of leadership will never come to an end. Two major philosophies have been linked to the explanation of this poem, that is, deontology and utilitarianism. According to the philosophy of utilitarianism, it is stated that the optimal cause of action should be the one that maximizes the satisfaction which is derived from an entity. Apparently, no one can be able to move when his legs are deeply sunk in the sand.

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The people can therefore rejoice an end of dictatorial and discriminative regime under which they were once treated as slaves. On the other hand, Kant explains the concept of the same poem by using a different approach of philosophy called deontology. Under this philosophy, it is believed that, the relevance and appropriate application of a concept must be strictly attributed to the rules. In some scenarios, deontology has been linked to the obligation or duty of care to be observed when accomplishing a task. This argument can be applied to the lines in the poem which states that some people mocked the king while others felt for him, but in the end, he was still the mighty king. From the perspectives of these two philosophers, it can be interpreted that both of them believed in the evaluation of societal attributes based on the results, rather than the procedure.

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